Research projects 2013 – Present

--Research projects 2013 - Present

Research and Consulting Project on the Saudi Arabia Fisheries Sector

Starting/ending date: 2013-2015 (36 months)
Financing: 1.129.748 €
European project
Dr A. Conides, 
Marine Biological Resources

The Saudi Arabia project aimed to the offering of technical support to the Saudi Arabia fisheries sector in the Arabian Gulf, for development and conservation. […]

Research on Samothraki Island Lotic Ecosystems

Starting/ending date: 15/08/2013-unlimited
Financing: self-financing (proposal applications are foreseen)
National project
Dr N. Skoulikidis, Inland Waters

Ongoing research on Samothraki Island ecosystems focusing on ecological quality assessment, biodiversity conservation, education and integrated resource management initiatives. […]


Starting/ending date: 00/07/2013-00/06/2014
Financing: 4.662 €
European project
Dr A. Kapantagakis,
 Marine Biological Resources

Evaluation and impact assessment activities for Axis 4: Fisheries Local Action Groups. […]

Environmental flows downstream of dams (ECOFLOW)

Starting/ending date: 04/03/2013-04/09/2015
Financing: 703.000 €
National project
Dr E. Dimitriou, 
Inland Waters

The project ECOFLOW aims to create a systematic and standardized procedure for assessing ecologically acceptable flows in rivers and streams whose flow regime is impacted by water resource development. […]


Starting/ending date: 02/02/2013-02/01/2015
Financing: 167.935 €
European project
Dr S. Somarakis, 
Marine Biological Resources

Spatially resolved Ecosystem models and their Application to Marine MANagement. […]