Starting/ending date: 01/03/2016 – 28/02/2020
Total Financing:  5.600.000,00€ (EE – H2020)
European Project
Dr George Tserpes, Marine Biological Resources and Inland Waters

The CERES project – named after the Roman goddess of agriculture and fertility – is devoted to the questions as to how climate change willl influence Europe´s fish and shellfish resources and how industry can adapt to and benefit from future change.

CERES will project future changes in physical conditions of marine and inland waters relevant for fisheries and aquaculture industries.

Biological models will scale up physiological and ecological responses of target species to estimate future changes in the productivity of fish and shellfish resources.

Based on future social and economic scenarios, CERES will estimate consequences for the marine and inland fisheries and aquaculture industries.

risks & vulnerability
CERES will assess risks, adaptive capacity and vulnerability of European fisheries and aquaculture sectors using different conceptual models.

CERES will provide viable “bottom-up” (industry-driven) solutions to minimize the risks and maximize potential benefits of climate change. CERES will also provide “top-down (policy & management) solutions and highlight challenges where current governance structures may hinder future adaptation.

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