Marine Biological Resources

  • Research Vessel “Philia”
    • IMBRIW is the main user of the R/V “Philia” in HCMR. It makes use of both the vessel’s equipment, and special equipment which meets the requirements of the Institute. Philia is a mobile research work platform used in almost all Greek waters and has a variety of nets, wet and dry laboratories and electronics facilities. Sampling campaigns are often multidisciplinary and include multiple-purpose sampling.
  • hydro-acoustic equipment Biosonic 120 khz, 38 khz, equipment Simrad.
  • Automatic Sampler eggs and ichthyoplankton CUFES.
  • Multiple sampling ichthyoplankton Mockness.
  • High performance electrofishing devices, multivariate water quality profiler (CTD), benthos capturing tools, portable instruments for the automatic measurement of physicochemical, hydrological and meteorological parameters , automatic water samplers, audio equipment trawl Scanmar, Side scan sonars 110 khz, 410 kHz , underwater systems for video capturing and photography.