The aim of the project is the development of methodologies for the Integrated Management of the River Basin and the Coastal System. To achieve this goal Sperchios river and Maliakos gulf will be adopted as a pilot area, in which biological, hydrometeorological, physicochemical and socio-economic monitoring networks, will be installed to effectively study all key environmental processes in relation to human activities and impacts in the region.

Additionally, as part of this research effort, the effects of climate change and land use changes will be studied, focusing on the ecological quality of water bodies while the network of automatic monitoring stations will provide an early warning system for environmental accidents and natural disasters (water pollution, floods, droughts, harmful / toxic algal blooms, etc.).

The project is funded by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology under the program KRIPIS with a total budget of EUR 880,650 and will last 20 months.