Dimosthenis Doumenis

Dimosthenis Doumenis

Scientific Personnel

Tel: +30-211-1065-207
Fax: +30-211-1065-256

Short CV

  • B.Eng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Imperial College, University of London (1991)
  • M.Sc. in Communications and Signal Processing, Imperial College, University of London (1992)

Demos Doumenis is an Electrical and Electronics Engineer with over 25 years experience managing teams and developing DSP algorithms and their FPGA/μP/μC implementation for point to point and point to multipoint high speed modems as well as embedded systems. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and an MSc in Telecommunications and Signal Processing, both from Imperial College London, UK.

He has performed technical and financial evaluations for the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) as an external expert. He has also been involved in a number of European funded projects.

  • RESOLUTION: Reconfigurable Systems for Moble Local Communication and Positioning (Project No: 026851)
  • WEAR-A-BAN Unobtrusive wearable human to machine wireless interface (grant agreement no 243473) http://www.wearaban.com/
  • WISERBAN: Smart miniature low-power wireless microsystem for Body Area Networks (grant agreement no 257454)
  • QSTREAM: Ultra-high Data-rate Wireless Communication (Grant EUREKA/EUNEA/0308/01)
  • EMPSOC: Energy-Efficient Embedded and Mobile Multiprocessor System-on-Chip Architectures http://www.ece.ucy.ac.cy/labs/easoc/Research/EMPSOC/people.html
  • SECURICOM: Secure Private Cellular Communication System (Co-funded by the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation under the Framework Programme for Research, Technological Development and Innovation 2006)

♦ Hellenic Centre for Marine Research 2019 – Present
♦ External evaluator United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) Bahrain, Morocco, Sudan- 2019
♦ Adjunct Professor — Hellenic American University, Athens, Greece — 2016 – Present
♦ Chief Technical Officer, Quantinetrica 2013 – Present
♦ Co-founder Add2Value 2013-2016
♦ External evaluator United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) Tokyo- 2013
♦ External evaluator United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) Rome- 2012
♦ National Technology Promotion Officer (UNIDO), Greece 2006-2009
♦ Chief Technical Officer, SignalGeneriX Ltd, Cyprus 2010-2013
♦ Hardware Development Manager, SignalGeneriX Ltd, Cyprus 2005-2010
♦ Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Laboratory Head, Intracom 2000-2004
♦ DSP Systems Design Engineer, Intracom 1994-2000


  • EP1037439: “Receiver structure for offset differential quadraturephase shift keying” 20-09-2000.
  • EP2178235: “Encryption of information signals” 17/10/2008

You can find more info here


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  • K. Georgoulakis, D. G. Doumenis, G. Aggouras, E. Frantzeskakis, “VLSI Implementation of an Eight-State Clustering Based Sequence Equalizer”, Proceedings 13th International Conference on Digital Signal Processing, Santorini, Greece, July 1997 Vol.2 pp. 1075-1077.
  • E. Frantzeskakis, D. Doumenis, D. Tsimplis, H. Karathanasis, A. Theodorou and V. Kassouras, “Digital Implementation of Tamed Frequency Modulation for Medium Rate Radio Tranceivers”, Proceedings of Telecom ’96:    Telecommunication Nets and Systems Development, Varna, Bulgaria, Oct. 1996
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