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Mesochora upstream

Average of Water level (m)

Average of Water Temperature (oC)

Average of Water Dissolved Oxygen (mg/l)

Average of Water pH

Average of Water Conductivity (μS/sec)



River and coastal zone management system

Development of a system for the integrated river basin and coastal zone management and restoration


1) Creating a user-friendly software for the management and restoration of Sperchios watershed and coastal zone, which incorporates environmentally optimized models and indicators.


Task 1. Requirements analysis and specification for the development of a decision support tool.

Task 2. Development of a software for the integrated river basin and coastal zone management. Experimental operation, validation and optimization.

Basin – coastal zone interactions

Monitoring changes in the surrounding marine area in response to changes in river flows.


1)  Understand and describe the effect of the basin outputs in terms of energy and matter to the coastal zone and marine area
2) Quantify and assess the interaction between abiotic characteristics and biological resources of the study area


Task 1. Study of the spatiotemporal changes in key abiotic features of the area.

Task 2. Study of changes in the […]

Developing ecological models and indices

Developing and optimizing models and indices to assess the ecological status. Study of interaction between human activities and ecological quality.


1) The creation of a classification system for the hydromorphological quality of the study area
2) Assessment of the impact of human activities and climate on the quality and quantity of water in the study area and the quantification of these interactions
3) Optimization and development of bio-indices for assessing the ecological quality


Task […]

In-situ environmental monitoring

In-situ monitoring of the ecological status in the basin and coastal zone.


1)      Assessment of the ecological quality of the under study water bodies and identify problems and structural failures due to existing indicators and hydroecological models
2) Develop an appropriate information infrastructure and expertise, with the aim of optimizing the existing ecological indicators and models.


Task 1. Monitoring hydrological and physicochemical conditions in the basin with in-situ measurements and sampling.

Task 2. Monitoring […]

Environmental trends

Overview of the local trends in parameters such as hydrometeorology, land use, the sedimentation rate and erosion, ecosystems and water quality.


1)      Study the temporal trends of key environmental parameters for understanding past changes in the aquatic ecosystem and their correlation with anthropogenic and natural processes.


Task 1. Bibliographic Overview of indicators for river basin and coastal zone management from the international practice. Indexing of past studies and projects involving environmental information […]

Automatic Monitoring Stations


1) The deployment of the necessary infrastructure for the detailed and comprehensive monitoring of important environmental parameters that are necessary for the understanding of hydro-biogeochemical processes in the watershed and coastal zone.
2) creation of an early warning system for environmental accidents and natural disasters in the basin and in the coastal zone.
3) The modernization and upgrading of hydroacoustic methodology in order to expand the study and monitoring of the most […]

Development of integrated basin management and associated coastal and marine zone

The aim of the project is the development of methodologies for the Integrated Management of the River Basin and the Coastal System. To achieve this goal Sperchios river and Maliakos gulf will be adopted as a pilot area, in which biological, hydrometeorological, physicochemical and socio-economic monitoring networks, will be installed to effectively study all key environmental processes in relation to human activities and impacts in the region.

Additionally, as part of this research effort, the effects of climate change and land […]

Physicochemical monitoring in Sperchios river


Μετρήσεις pH στον σταθμό KR2

Μετρήσεις pH στον σταθμό KR6

Μετρήσεις pH στον σταθμό KR14

Μετρήσεις Conductivity στον σταθμό KR2

Μετρήσεις Conductivity στον σταθμό KR6

Μετρήσεις Conductivity στον σταθμό KR14

Μετρήσεις διαλυμένου […]

Water level and temperature monitoring in Sperchios river


Θέσεις των σταθμών παρακολούθησης της  στάθμης και της θερμοκρασίας νερού

Μετρήσεις στάθμης στην θέση KR2


Μετρήσεις στάθμης στην θέση KR3 

Μετρήσεις στάθμης στην θέση KR5 

Μετρήσεις στάθμης στην θέση KR6 

Μετρήσεις στάθμης […]