“Kathe Mera Ellada”, ERT3

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The WFD 20 Years After— Ecological Status Assessment and Restoration of Aquatic Ecosystems

Twenty years has passed since the WFD was adopted by the European Parliament. Putting ecosystem integrity at the base of management decisions, the way EU Member States have implemented water management has improved dramatically. […]

According to HCMR: Pollution from oil mills is a wound to rivers

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“Mprosta sta Gegonota”, ET1

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Results of the Workshop: “River Conservation Actions-National AMBER meeting”

Results of the Workshop: “River Conservation Actions-National AMBER meeting” 8th of May 2019, Athens

This was the first-ever meeting to deploy the concept of river barrier and dam management and removal in Greece! It was organized by the AMBER consortium -Adaptive Management of Barriers in European River, an EU supported H2020 project […]

Special Issue

Surface and Ground- water vulnerability assessment is a useful approach for identifying pollution pressures effectively and applying protection and restoration measures in water bodies. […]

Workshop: “River conservation actions”, AMBER Project/ (ΗΜΕΡΙΔΑ: “Δράσεις Διατήρησης στους Ποταμούς”)

Πρόσκληση σε Ημερίδα – Συνάντηση Εργασίας για την διαχείριση φραγμάτων και φραγμών στη συνεκτικότητα των ποταμών […]

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The 12th MEDIAS meeting in Athens

The 12th MEDIAS […]

Alien Species

At this year’s exhibition “Boat & Fishing in Greece” HELEXPO Maroussi, Athens, Greece Dr. Paraskevi Karachle (Institute of Marine Biological Resources and Inland Waters, HCMR) and Dr. Marika Galanidi (Ustun Energy R & D SME), were hosted at the booth of the Panhellenic Union of Recreational Fishers (PEEA). The researchers, within the framework of the European COST-ALIEN CSI program, are exploring the socio-economic impact of alien species on fisheries. […]

“THALATTA” documetary, ET3

Σκηνοθεσία: Τριανταφυλλιά Δημοπούλου

Α’ ΤΗΛΕΟΠΤΙΚΗ ΠΡΟΒΟΛΗ 2019: ΕΡΤ3, ΤΡΙΤΗ 22.01.2019 , 20:00 μμ  […]