Research projects 2007-2012

--Research projects 2007-2012


Starting/ending date: 27/10/2011-26/07/2012
Financing: 33.416 €
European project
Dr A. Conides, Marine Biological Resources

Estimation of maximum net length of trammel nets, gillnets and combined bottom set nets by using the volume or the mass of the net. […]


Starting/ending date: 1/10/2011-30/07/2013
Financing: 110.700 €
National project
Dr G. Tserpes, Marine Biological Resources

Management plan for the demersal trawl fisheries in the Greek seas. […]


Starting/ending date: 01/10/2011-30/09/2014
Financing: 99.965 €
European project
Dr G. Tserpes, Marine Biological Resources

Mediterranean Network of sustainable small-scale fishing communities. […]


Starting/ending date: 01/09/2011-31/10/2011
Financing: 6.567 €
National project
Dr M.Th. Stoumboudi, Inland Waters

Fieldwork to collect specimens to barcode freshwater fishes, mollusks and mayflies of Greece, within the frame of the “Freshwater Diversity Identification for Europe” (FREDIE) project.  […]


Starting/ending date: 01/09/2011-28/02/2013
Financing: 161.197 €
European project
Dr M. Giannoulaki, Marine Biological Resources


Mediterranean Sensitive Habitats (MEDISEH) is a framework contract (MAREA Consortium) financed by DG MARE, focusing on Mediterranean Sensitive Habitats in a bifold way. […]

Greek Georeferenced Distribution Data for Freshwater Fish (GGDDFF)

Starting/ending date: 01/08/2011-30/09/2011
Financing: 14.804 €
European project
Dr M.Th. Stoumboudi, Inland Waters

Publications (including grey literature) and collection data of freshwater fishes from Greece will be georeferenced and organized in a databank. […]


Starting/ending date: 01/05/2011-30/04/2014
Financing: 30.174 €
European project
Dr C. Maravelias, Marine Biological Resources

Coordinating research in support to the application of EAF (Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries) and management advice in the Mediterranean and Black Seas. […]

Fish-based assessment in Cyprus’s Rivers for the implementation of EU Water Framework Directive

Starting/ending date: 08/02/2011–09/12/2012
Financing: 98.317 €
National project
Dr S. Zogaris, Inland Waters

This is a research and development programme incorporating two separate government-funded contracts on researching fish assemblages to improve ecological quality assessment procedures to meet the needs of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) in Cyprus. […]


Starting/ending date: 2011-2014 (36 months)
Financing: 395.707 €
European project
Dr A. Conides, Marine Biological Resources

Architecture and roadmap to manage multiple pressures on lagoons. The project aims to the study and management of coastal marine aquatic ecosystems, such as coastal wetlands. […]


Starting/ending date: 18/01/2011-17/05/2011
Financing: 9.840 €
National project
Dr A. Conides, Marine Biological Resources

Contribution in the elaboration of the Strategic Study of Environmental Impact of aquaculture within the frame of the National Cadastral Design and Sustainable Development plan for aquaculture. […]