Research projects 2007-2012

--Research projects 2007-2012


Starting/ending date: 2011-2013 (24 months)
Financing: 22.595 €
European project
Dr D. Klaoudatos & Dr A. Conides, Marine Biological Resources

Mediterranean Alientic Resources Evaluation and Advice. The project aims to organize a consortium of European research Institutes and Centres with expertise in fisheries research […]

Μonitoring of ecological water quality of Koumoundourou Lake and designing management

Starting/ending date: 01/01/2011–31/06/2012
Financing: 85.000 €
National project
Dr E. Dimitriou, Inland Waters

The project concerns the environmental monitoring of Lake Koumoundourou, in order to quantify its ecological quality status and the dominant threats. […]

Triennial monitoring and assessment of the ecological status of Messinian streams

Starting/ending date: 16/12/2010-15/12/2013
Financing:  184.500 €
National Project
Dr K. Gritzalis, Inland Waters

The aim of the project is to monitor, classify and assess the streams located in Messinia by using biological, hydromorphological and physicochemical criteria, […]


Starting/ending date: 2011-2012 (18 months)
Financing: 71.524,50 €
National project
Dr M.Th. Stoumboudi, Inland Waters

Monitoring of the state and abundance of Ladigesocypris ghigii (Pisces, Cyprinidae) population in Gadouras stream (Rhodes Island), during the construction of the Gadouras dam. […]

Collection of environmental, ecological, oceanographic and fishert data for the Argolikos gulf

Starting/ending date: 02/09/2010-01/01/2011
Financing: 7.000 €
National project
Dr K. Kapiris, Marine Biological Resources

The aim of Cooperation HCMR by SMEs and in accordance with the proposal presented to the SMEs on 26/03/2009 GSRT is: A collection of all data on the ecology, oceanography and fisheries of the region in order to improve both the scientific level, as and training of the company. […]

Monitoring for the quality and estimation of the ecological status of the Messinian Rivers

Starting/ending date: 01/09/2010-30/06/2011
Financing: 18.450 €
National project
Dr S. Zogaris, Inland Waters

Three year period of monitoring for the quality and estimation of the ecological status of the Messinian Rivers: Pamisos, Aris, Despoti, Mourtia, Lygdou, Epis, Karia, Tzanes-Polilimnio, Mavrozoumena, Arkadikos, Neda and Velika. […]


Starting/ending date: 05/03/2010-05/03/2012
Financing: 75.000 €
European project
Dr M. Giannoulaki, Marine Biological Resources

AcousMed is the abbreviation of a DG MARE contract tender on the “Harmonization of the acoustic data in the Mediterranean 2002-2006”. […]

ODEMM {FP7-ENV-2009-1}

Starting/ending date: 01/03/2010-31/10/2013
Financing: 394.950 €
European project
Dr K. Papadopoulou, Marine Biological Resources

Options for Delivering Ecosystem- based Marine Management. […]


Starting/ending date: 01/02/2010-31/01/2014
Financing: 273.885 €
European project
Dr A. Conides, Marine Biological Resources

People for Ecosystem Based Govermnance in Assessing Sustainable Development of Ocean and Coast (PEGASO) […]


Starting/ending date: 01/01/2010-31/12/2011
Financing: 146.876 €
European project
Dr V. Valavanis, Marine Biological Resources

The identification and spatiotemporal mapping of Essential Fish Habitats (EFHs) represent the fundamental scientific tasks of the spatial component of fisheries management […]