Research projects 2007-2012

--Research projects 2007-2012

Assessment of the environmental status of Evros river catchment. Pressures mapping and analysis

Starting/ending date: 20/12/2009-19/10/2010
Financing: 55.000 € (plus VAT)
National project
Dr E. Dimitriou, Inland Waters

The project includes the assessment of the environmental status of Evros river catchment and the essential next steps for the sustainable environmental management and preservation of the area. […]

Preveza artificial reef

Starting/ending date: 09/11/2009-09/12/2009
Financing: 23.800,00 €
National project
Dr A. Conides & Dr D. Klaoudatos, Marine Biological Resources

Use of expertise to describe the current status of the Preveza artificial reef.


Starting/ending date: 01/11/2009-30/10/2013
Financing: 727.880 €
European project
Dr V. Vasilopoulou, Marine Biological Resources

Monitoring and Evaluation of Spatially Managed Areas (MESMA) will comprise an easily accessible information system, containing gathered facts on the distribution of marine habitats and species, economic values and benefits, and human uses and their effects […]

Acoustic Rainfall {FP7 (Marie Curie – IIF)}

Starting/ending date: 01/10/2009-30/09/2011
Financing: 281.440,56 €
European project
Dr A. Papadopoulos, Inland Waters

This project belongs to the category of Marie Curie International International Incoming Fellowships (IIF) of FP7 and its goal is to support the research of an incoming senior researcher Dr. Jeffrey Aaron Nystuen into the European Research Area. […]

Biodiversity of Attika Wetlands

Starting/ending date: 2010–2011 (12 months)
Financing: 10.000 €
National project
Dr S. Zogaris, Inland Waters

The project is a specific field-research contribution to a wider study of wetlands in the Attika Hydrographic Region, coordinated by the Hellenic Ornithological Society […]

Cyprus Wetlands (EU Water Framework Directive consultancy)

Starting/ending date: 01/09/2009–28/02/2010
Financing: 11.234 €
National project
Dr S. Zogaris, Inland Waters

The institute personnel contributed to consulting services for the application of the European Union Water Framework Directive on Cyprus. Field work in 2009 and 2010 set the groundwork for an inventory of wetland areas on the island. […]


Starting/ending date: 2010–2011 (6 months)
Financing: 18.000 €
European project
Dr A. Zenetos, Marine Biological Resources

Rapid assessment survey of marine alien species in the Albanian and Montenegrin coast. […]


Starting/ending date: 01/09/2009-25/01/2012
Financing: 193.500 €
National project
Dr G. Tserpes, Marine Biological Resources

Developing fisheries management indicators and targets. […]


Starting/ending date: 01/09/2009-31/03/2013
Financing: 290.000 €
National project
Dr S. Somarakis, Marine Biological Resources

Understanding Recruitment PROcesses Using Coupled biophysical models of the pelagic Ecosystem. […]


Starting/ending date: 01/09/2009-08/01/2012
Financing: 362.234 €
National project
Dr V. Vassilopoulou, Marine Biological Resources

Bycatch and Discards: Management indicators, trends and location. […]