Research projects 2013 – Present

--Research projects 2013 - Present
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RePHIL (Hellenic Research Fleet – Reconstruction of the Research Vessel PHILIA)

Starting/ending date: 01/01/2018 – 31/12/2020
Total financing:   3.133.006,38 €
National project: Operational Program (OP) “Competitiveness Entrepreneurship and Innovation” (NSRF) for the period 2014-2020 from the Regional Departments of Crete, Attiki and South Aegean, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).
Dr Athanassios Machias, Institute of Marine Biological Resources

The Research Vessel (R / V) PHILIA has a length of 26 meters and was constructed in 1986. Its reconstruction and modernization are of high priority as to expand its business activities and to […]

PORTODIMARE (geoPortal of Tools & Data for sustainable Management of coAstal and maRine Environment)

Starting/ending date: 01.02.2018 – 31.01.2020
Total financing: 1.581.219,65 € (ERDF contribution and Public contribution   1.344.036,70 €)
European project (ADRION INTERREG)
Dr Vassiliki Vassilopoulou, Institute of Marine Biological Resources

PORTODIMARE aims to create a common platform (Geoportal) for data and information related to coastal and marine areas of the Adriatic-Ionian Region, by […]


Starting/ending date: 05/09/2018 – 30/9/2020
Total Financing:  4.590 € (Zoological Society of London/ AG Leventis Foundation)
European Project
Dr Eleni Kalogianni, Inland Waters

Development, reproduction and ethology of the Greek killifish Valencia sp.

Project DECAGON aims at breeding the critically endangered freshwater species Valencia letourneuxi and Valencia robertae at close-circuit conditions for stock maintenance and research purposes, such the study of their reproduction, ecomorphology,  and interactions with alien species.


Starting/ending date: 05/09/2018 – 30/9/2019
Total Financing:  13.703,51 € (Zoological Society of London/ AG Leventis Foundation)
European Project
Dr Eleni Kalogianni, Inland Waters

Population assessment of the Corfu killifish and other Greek endemic freshwater species using established and innovative methods

Project RESILIENT,  a partnership between ZSL, HCMR and the University of Derby (UoD),  aims at assessing the current population status of the Corfu killifish using both conventional ichthyological and the least invasive environmental DNA […]

Pikrodafni – Vourkari: Services to the Attica Region for water quality measurements in the stream of Pikrodaphni and in the wetland of Vourkari

Starting/ending date: 12/12/2016  – 31/03/2017
Total Financing:  60.760,00€ (Hellenic Ornithological Society)
Dr Elias Dimitriou, Inland Waters

Monitoring of water quality in the stream of Pikrodaphni and the Vourkari stream and monitoring of benthic invertebrates in Vourkari.

AQUASEC: Aquatic & Social Ecology: Theory and Practice

Starting/ending date: 09/03/2016  – 22/07/2016
Total Financing:  13.330,00€ (ELKETHE)
Dr N. Skoulikidis, Inland Waters

Organization of an international summer school, in which will be presented contributions from great scientists from Greece and abroad, active in the field of aquatic and social ecology and management.

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ASRA: Alien Species Risk Assessment

Starting/ending date: 18/11/2016  – 17/11/2017
Total Financing:  5.000,00€ (EU)
European Project
Dr A. Zenetou, Marine Biological Resources

The program aims to develop hazard studies for the most invasive alien species in Europe, with the ultimate aim of identifying items that need monitoring and countermeasures.

ODYSSEA: Operation of an integrated system observatories in the Mediterranean sea

Starting/ending date: 2017 – 2021
Total Financing:  8.398.716,00€ (ΕΕ – Η2020)
European Project
Dr George Tserpes, Marine Biological Resources

Operation of an integrated system observatories in the Mediterranean sea
The project aims to operate an integrated observation and analysis system for biological and oceanographic parameters in the Mediterranean sea.

DRUMFISH: Inventory management with incomplete data in cases of multi-species fishery

Starting/ending date: 01/03/2016 – 28/02/2018
Total Financing:  997.000,00€ (EU/DG-MARE)
European Project
Dr George Tserpes, Marine Biological Resources

The program aims to develop methods for providing scientific support to the management of multi-species stocks, in cases with incomplete data.

MERCES: Marine Ecosystem Restoration in Changing European Seas

Starting/ending date: 01/06/2016 – 30/05/2020
Total Financing:  6.651.118,00 € (EE –H2020)
European Project
Dr C.J. Smith, Marine Biological Resources

The MERCES project is focused on the restoration of different degraded marine habitats, with the aim of: 1) assessing the potential of different technologies and approaches; 2) quantifying the returns in terms of ecosystems services and their socio-economic impacts; […]