mar-150-fishing gear trawl, mediterranean

1) Research Vessel “Philia”

IMBRIW is the main user of the R/V “Philia” in HCMR. It makes use of both the vessel’s equipment, and special equipment which meets the requirements of the Institute. Philia is a mobile research work platform used in almost all Greek waters and has a variety of nets, wet and dry laboratories and electronics facilities. Sampling campaigns are often multidisciplinary and include multiple-purpose sampling.

Biosonics42) hydro-acoustic equipment Biosonic 120 khz, 38 khz, equipment Simrad.  CTDtransducers

3) Automatic Sampler eggs and ichthyoplankton CUFES.

4) Multiple sampling ichthyoplankton Mockness.

CTD PhiliaLab25) High performance electrofishing devices, multivariate water quality profiler (CTD), benthos capturing tools, portable instruments for the automatic measurement of physicochemical, hydrological and meteorological parameters , automatic water samplers, audio equipment trawl Scanmar, Side scan sonars 110 khz, 410 kHz , underwater systems for video capturing and photography.