Educational Materials

-Educational Materials

Book: Estimation System of Acceptable Ecological Flow in Rivers and Streams of Greece

A brief presentation of the research project “ECOFLOW” and ecological […]

Book: Pikrodafni Stream

Pikrodafni Stream: A small oasis in Attica (View)
Institute of Marine Biological […]


Objectives     Research Teams     Infrastructure     Addictional activities    […]

Book: Research Activities and Landscapes

This photobook includes a collection of information and photographic material […]

Inland Water Fish Monitoring Operations Manual

Electrofishing Health and Safety/ Rapid Fish Protocol

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The “Fishbase” goes to School


The Fishbase goes to Primary School, “Alieftika Nea” magazine, December […]

Pikrodafni Stream

Pikrodafni Stream, Attica  (flyer) (Read PDF)

Life – Nature ’04. Actions for the Conservation of Mediterranean Temporary Ponds in Crete

Informative printed material (flyers, poster, stickers etc.)


Life – Nature ’99. Action for the protection of Calcareous bog/fens in Trichonis lake

Informative printed material (flyers, poster, stickers etc.)
[LIFE99 NAT/GR/006499]

Life – Nature ’98. Τhe Gizani (Ladigesocypris ghigii): The small athlete of Rhodes

Informative  printed material (poster, pamphlet, stickers etc.)

Γκιζάνι (Ladigesocypris ghigii), ο […]

Sustainable Riparian Zones: A Management Guide

A management guide produced within the RIPIDURABLE Interreg project See PDF /Οδηγός […]

Riparian Zone in Greece

Riparian Zone in Greece
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Παρόχθιες ζώνες στην Ελλάδα

European Eel Elvers: Conservation of a natural treasure

Educational Pamphlet

Γόνος χελιού. Ένα πολύτιμο φυσικό αγαθό. Προστασία και διαχείριση […]