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Aliakmonsampl-300x190-300x189sampl2Mesochora downstream (30/07/2015)







Essential equipment for field-work, such as specialized boats, high-capacity electrofishing devices, sampling devices for benthic fauna, portable devices for measuring physicochemical and electromagnetic multi-parameters (flowmeter, turbimeter, oxygenmeter, fluorometer, photometer, lysimeter, distancemeter, for BOD measurements, grab (sampler), GPS, Secchi disk, etc), automatic monitoring systems for hydrometeorological and physicochemical parameters, rain collectors, drones, Jeeps and a mobile laboratory vehicle.



Drone GPS GARMIN IMG_20180428_100752


pikrodafni stream OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Inl-sampl-110-venthos Inl-sampl-25-macroinvertebrate sampling