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Nicholas Jason Xentidis

Nicholas Jason Xentidis

Graphic Designer

Short CV

  • BA in Graphic Design. User Interface & User Experience Designer Middlesex University.

Nicholas works as a Graphic Designer at the Institute of Marine Biological Resources and Inland Waters, Hellenic Center for Marine Research. He is a Bachelor of Arts Graduate from Middlesex University and Akto Art & Design College in Greece, Athens, with an emphasis on Web/App development and further specialization in User Interface/User Experience Design, focusing in Strategy and Information Architecture.

Proficient in Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, XD), Figma, Invision, Corel Draw, ArcGIS. In his years collaborating with the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research he has contributed in a plethora of projects, consisting of Visual Identity creation, Information Dissemination, website development and management, Photography and more.

Indicative Publications

  • Zenetos A, Karachle PK, Corsini-Foka M, Gerovasileiou V, Simboura N, Xentidis NJ & Tsiamis K, 2020. Is the trend in new introductions of marine non-indigenous species a reliable criterion for assessing good environmental status? The case study of Greece. Mediterranean Marine Science, 21(3), 775-793.
  • Giovos I, Kleitou P, Poursanidis D, Batjakas I, Bernardi G, Crocetta F, Doumpas N, Kalogirou S, Kampouris TE, Keramidas I, Langeneck J, Maximiadi M, Mitsou E, Stoilas VO, Tiralongo F, Romanidis-Kyriakidis G., Xentidis NJ, Zenetos A, Katsanevakis S, 2019. The importance of citizen-science in monitoring marine invasions and stimulating public engagement – A case project from the Eastern Mediterranean. Biological Invasions 21, 12, 3707- 3721.
  • Servello G, Andaloro F, Azzurro E, Castriota L, Catra M, Chiarore A, Crocetta F, D’Alessandro M, Denitto F, Froglia C, Gravili C, Langer MR, Lo Brutto S, Mastrototaro F, Petrocelli A, Pipitone C, Piraino S, Relini G, Serio D, Xentidis NJ, Zenetos A, 2019. Marine alien species in Italy: a contribution to the implementation of descriptor D2 of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive. Mediterranean marine Science, 20, 1: 1-48.
  • Karachle PK, Xentidis NJ &Zenetos A, 2017. The ESENIAS countries’ marine Alien Species experts: an updated inventory. ActaZoologicaBulgarica, Supplement 9. 
  • Zenetos A, Liami A, Xentidis NJ, Corsini-Foka M, 2017. Marine Alien Species at Pserimos Island (Greece): census with the help of citizen scientists. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom. 97(3): 629-34.
  • Zenetos A, Arianoutsou M, Bazos I, Balopoulou S, Corsini-Foka M., Dimiza M, Drakopoulou P, Katsanevakis S, Kondylatos G, Koutsikos N, Kytinou E, Lefkaditou E, Pancucci-Papadopoulou MA, Salomidi M, Simboura N, Skoufas G, Trachalakis P, Triantaphyllou M,  Tsiamis K, Xentidis NJ,  Poursanidis D, 2015.ELNAIS: A collaborative network on Aquatic NIS in Greece. Management of Biological Invasions, 6, 2: 185–196. 
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