Our Profile

The Institute of Marine Biological Resources and Inland Waters (IMBRIW) was created in 2012 from merging two institutes of HCMR, Institute of Marine Biological Resources (IMBR) and the Institute of Inland Waters (IIW).

Fundamental activity and strategic objective of the Institute is the multilevel and multidisciplinary environmental research on monitoring , protection and sustainable management of water resources (terrestrial and marine) . Within this general research framework two main research directions are formed for the environment and sustainable development:

1) “Management of Fishery Resources” which includes actions to assess the status of fish stocks , research trophic networks, study the impacts of fishing on the ecosystem and developing fishery management plans.

2) The “Water Basin Management”, with basic research subjects including the evaluation and monitoring of surface water bodies status, the conservation of aquatic biodiversity and the design of strategies and tools for the protection, management and restoration of the aquatic environment.

IMBRIW provides scientific information services (consultancy, data and evaluations) to national planning agencies and policy makers for fisheries and the environment, represents the country in international, European and EU institutions and supports the implementation of EU policies on Maritime Strategy , the Water and Biodiversity.

The results of the research activities of the Institute have significant socio -economic impacts, and contribute to the improved water resources management and planning strategies for a sustainable and environmentally friendly development.