1. Corinthiakos Gulf: Third consecutive year appeared the jellyfish
  2. The “trumpet”- fish appeared on the sea of southern Crete
  3. What about the jellyfish?


  1. “MARISCA” Project on Air (Proto Programma)
  2. The massive mortality of the European eel in the Schinias – Marathon National Park is the subject of a large meeting
  3. “MARISCA” Project on “ECO News” (SKAI TV)
  4. Mass death of eels in Marathonas – Schinias wetland


  1. Samothraki Summer University 2016 was successfully completed!  
  2. The IMBRIW project ‘Development of an integrated management system for river basin, coastal and marine zones’ has been presented as a case study in the Danish Hydraulic Institute (DHI) web page
  3. Life recharge, TEDxKavala
  4. Greeks prefer Sardines and anchovy because of the economic crisis
  5. Greeks make a ’turn’ to sardines and anchovies due to the economic crisis
  6. Crete: Alert for the proliferation of toxic and dangerous Lagocephalus sceleratus


  1. Underwater ‘Christmas tree’ brings to life the seabed
  2. Efficient & Sustainable Management of Resources in Fishery
  3. Realizing a Conservation Strategy for Marine Life Ecosystems
  4. Tropical fish conquer our waters
  5. Greek researchers worry as crucial referendum looms


  1. Institute of Marine Biological Resources and Inland Waters (Alieftika Nea)
  2. The rivers that resist
  3. Water Crossroads: Tserpes G. (at TEDx Heraklio)
  4. The research project “KRIPIS” in the Maliakos Gulf and the Sperchios River
  5. We searched about what happened to dead Fishes in Samos


  1. The stream of Pikrodaphni, a dirty paradise in the urban fabric
  2. Life returns to 4 rivers in Greece
  3. Giant Squid in Hersonissos, Crete


  1. The story of Greek fisheries
  2. The Pineios river is still breathing


  1. Crete: rare giant fish caught in fishing nets
  2. Migratory fishes in Crete


  1. The Kifissos river is (still) breathing
  2. Alien Freshwater Fish Species (espressonews)
  3. Alien Freshwater Fish Species (http://irakliotikosteki.blogspot.com)


  1. The nine aquatic open wounds
  2. Greece to face charges for its rivers at European Court