1st workpackage: Operational monitoring, information and early warning system

1.1 Network of gauging stations monitoring hydrological and physicochemical parameters

1.2 Supply and installation of acoustic equipment and corresponding software

1.3 Web- geographical database of environmental parameters                                           (Watch a guidance video)

1.4 Information and early warning system for environmental accidents and natural disasters     (Watch a guidance video)


2nd workpackage: Overview of regional trends in parameters such as hydrometeorology, land use, the rate of sediment deposition and erosion, ecosystems and water quality

2.1 Technical report with references of past research and studies on the environment of the under study area

2.2 Database with past measurements of environmental parameters of the under study area

2.3 Technical report on the spatiotemporal changes in environmental parameters

2.4 Technical report on the paleoenvironment of the under study area

2.5 Technical report with the stakeholders involved in water management, records of interviews and conclusions about the current situation and the vision in management

2.6 Technical report on proposed management indices based on international experience


3rd workpackage: In situ monitoring of the ecological status of water systems

3.1 Database with hydrological, biological and physico-chemical parameters

3.2 Technical report with the results of the initial evaluation of ecological quality

3.3 Technical report with the results of the annual evaluation of the ecological quality for each water body


4th workpackage: Development and optimization of indicators/models for the ecological status assessment

4.1 Hydrological and hydrochemical model of the under study area

4.2 Technical report with the classification system of the hydromorphological quality and impact of the management and climate scenarios

4.3 Technical report with optimized biological indicators for the assessment of the ecological quality


5th workpackage: Monitoring of changes in the wider sea area, in response to river outflows changes

5.1 Seasonal distribution maps of various pseudoplanktonic organisms in relation to the outflows of the river

5.2 Seasonal fish distribution maps

5.3 Development of zooplankton predictive distribution models

5.4 Development of fish predictive distribution models

5.5 Spatial and seasonal overlap between Mesozoic pseudoplanktonic groups and fish

5.6 Technical report on the rise of sea level, proposed protection measurements and financial impact

5.7 Zooplankton distribution maps based on climate scenarios

5.8 Fish distribution maps based on climate scenarios

5.9 Technical report on fishing activity and biodiversity of the under study area and maps of the spawning areas

5.10 Technical report with distribution maps of abiotic parameters in the coastal zone and the impact of the interaction between the river basin and the coastal zone


6th workpackage: Development of an integrated management system and designation of restoration measures

6.1 Technical report with the specifications of the management and restoration software

6.2 River basin and coastal zone management and restoration software