For IMBRIW the strategic planning for the next five years include the development of know-how and infrastructure on two research directions: Management of Fishery Resources and Watershed Management. Key elements of the design are:

1) focus on applied research leading to the development of ecosystem management tools and methodologies. The incorporation of basic research in projects is considered a prerequisite for the achievement of management objectives, notably the completion of knowledge on the structure and function of ecosystems and simulation of hydrological, physical, chemical and biological interactions .

2 ) Researching in thematic axes that integrate the biological, economic and social dimension of management. Hitherto Institute’s research activities adequately cover the technological and environmental dimensions of ecosystem management while the socio – economic dimension is addressed primarily through partnerships.

3) The development and synthesis of new research topics that meet significant physical, social and economic characteristics of the country (eg many small autonomous hydrographic systems on land, sea multispecies fisheries, a large number of endangered species). Such peculiarities preclude the application of internationally established management practices and require the research of different ways of managing natural resources.