Cephalopod Stocks in European Waters: Review, Analysis, Assessment and Sustainable Management. This project aimed to review current knowledge and issues in cephalopod fisheries science, to assemble, organise, analyse and synthesise data from ongoing national projects, previous and new EC-funded R&D projects, and to recommend future actions for scientists and cephalopod fishery managers in European waters.

This will be achieved through (a) co-ordinated reviews and (b) development of common databases and associated GIS analysis capability, leading to (c) a series of co-ordination meetings and workshops at which the status of fished European cephalopod stocks will be reviewed, stock assessments carried out and management recommendations proposed. The project ran from October 2002 to October 2005 and involved 21 partner institutions from 7 European countries, contributing to work in 13 workpackages. The project’s final report was accepted in April 2006. 

[FP5: QLRT-2001-00962]

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