Scientific tools developed under various research projects

Water quality and quantity data from Greek rivers

It includes data from automatic, telemetric stations, for water quality and quantity of Greek rivers. The database is updated every hour and includes measurements of water level, pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen and electric conductivity.


Hydrometeorological forecasting system

It includes weather forecasts in different mapping formats for Greece and Mediterranean basin. It also includes meteograms and hydrologic information in selected basins.


Environmental water requirements tool 

Estimation of environmental water requirements in Mediterranean Rivers based on fish species

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Groundwater vulnerability and pollution risk tool

It estimates the groundwater vulnerability based on COP method by using topographic, geologic, lithologic and soil maps. It also estimates the Groundwater pollution risk for any catchment within Greece. It is a ArcGIS 10 tool.

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Bibliographic database for Ecological flow studies

It is a web based geodatabase for ecological flow bibliography from around the world, developed under the project ECOFLOW (

Ecological Flow tool based on Macroinvertebrates

Estimation of Ecological flow in mountainous rivers based on Macroinvertebrate communities