is the leading public research institution in Greece,

with a key role in the Mediterranean region and the EU, spearheading fisheries and inland water research

IMBRIW is Greece’s largest public research institute focusing on marine and inland water ecosystems

The mission of IMBRIW is to:

  • pursue science-based conservation and management of aquatic ecosystems

  • provide scientific guidance to decision makers

  • supports public awareness and education for conserving marine and inland water environments

Major European Union Policy-Relevant Research

The Institute of Marine Biological Resources and Inland Waters of HCMR is involved in the National Monitoring Network of the quality and quantity of water by conducting samplings in rivers throughout Greece.

The fisheries data collection program provides the necessary information on fisheries management, knowledge of biological parameters and the geographical demarcation of fish-populations in order to help achieve the objectives of sustainable fisheries.


State-of-the-art Infrastructure for real time environmental monitoring

The Institute works with other research organizations to develop a detailed assessment of the state of Greece’s Marine environment, to define “good environmental status” at the regional level and to establish clear environmental targets and monitoring programmes.. printscreen

It provides daily 120-hour weather forecasts over the Mediterranean basin and adjacent countries at different resolutions as well as relevant streamflow forecasts in two watersheds in Greece, the Spercheios and the Evrotas River Basins.

Recent Projects

The main goals of IMBRIW are the production of knowledge related to structural and functional aspects of inland aquatic ecosystems and the high trophic level components (including fisheries) of marine ecosystems.

Fields Of Research