IMBRIW has constructed and maintains a central database system including all data collected within the framework of the major EU policy-relevant projects.

This includes all data collected within the Data Collection Framework and Water Framework Directive such as: environmental, CTD and satellite data, raw data on abundance indices, length-frequencies, age distribution, reproduction, larval species composition, adult species composition, fleet effort and landings by metier, fleet activity, VMS data, MEDITS etc.

In addition, unique databases with environmental and meteorological data, as well as with biological (fish, macroinvertebrates, diatoms, aquatic macrophytes, riparian vegetation) habitat, physicochemical, chemical and hydrological data from all river basins, are in the process of integration into the central database.

Other unique purpose-built databases are also managed for specific survey programmes and monitoring

(e.g. threatened species, wetland birds, sea birds, questionnaire interviews, riparian flora, wetland site inventories).

Although raw data (i.e. data per sampling event) are normally only available to national administration and EU, aggregated data are available to the public upon request. The database facilities of the Institute are regularly used by research partners from various EU and international projects, a fact mediating the exchange of know-how and knowledge transfer. In addition, the facilities of IMBRIW are also used for the training of university students (i.e. undergraduate, MSc, PhD studies).