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Starting/ending date: 18/12/2012-17/06/2014 Financing: 86.346 € European project Dr S. Somarakis, Marine Biological Resources Stock units: Identification of distinct biological units (stock units) for different fish and shellfish species and among different GFCM-GSAs’.


Starting/ending date: 15/12/2012-15/12/2016 Financing: 31.544 € European project Dr A. Conides, Marine Biological Resources Cooperation in Fisheries Aquaculture and Sea Food Processing. The project is an ERANET

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Starting/ending date: 01/11/2012-30/06/2015 Financing: 502.465 € National project Dr A. Kapantagakis, Marine Biological Resources Fish Fry Protecting Devices. The project aims at meeting the market demand for innovative products


Starting/ending date: 27/11/2012-27/09/2013 Financing: 72.334 € European project Dr G. Tserpes, Marine Biological Resources Catch rate determintaion of Albacore, Swordfish and Bluefin tuna


Starting/ending date: 01/11/2012-31/10/2016 Financing: 284.421 € European project Dr C.J. Smith, Marine Biological Resources Development of Innovative tools for understanding marine biodiversity and assessing good environmental status.


Starting/ending date: 01/10/2012-31/05/2019 Financing: 306.591 € European project Dr C.J. Smith, Marine Biological Resources Benthic ecosystem fisheries impact study.

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Starting/ending date: 17/09/2012-16/07/2013 Financing: 31.888 € European project Dr A. Conides, Marine Biological Resources Technical specifications of Mediterranean trawl gears.

Assessment of the Ecological Status of Pikrodafni Stream

Starting/ending date: 05/07/2012-05/11/2012 Financing: 66.160 € National project Dr E. Dimitriou, Inland Waters The project concerns the environmental monitoring of Pikrodafni stream, in order to quantify its ecological quality status and the dominant threats.

Trans Adriatic Pipeline

Starting/ending date: 01/07/2012-28/02/2013 Financing: 60.270 € National project Dr E. Dimitriou, Inland Waters  The project is a part of the Environmental Impact Assessment study for the construction of the Transadriatic Pipeline (TAP)

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Starting/ending date: 02/06/2012-05/02/2015 Financing: 150.000 € National project Dr A. Zenetos, Marine Biological Resources Planning a network of marine protected areas for the Mediterranean Sea.