Feasibility study for the development of deep sea shrimp fishery in the Ionion Sea below 500 m using innovative methods of bioeconomics modeling and cost/ benefit analysis. The aim of the project is to study the feasibility to develop a new deep sea fishery targeting red shrimps in Ionion Sea using modern analytical methods and techniques such as bio-economic modeling, cost-benefit analysis, socioeconomic analysis of fisheries and stock valuation.
The stock of deep sea red shrimps is today in virgin state due to the fact that trawling in Greek seas is carried out down to 500 m. depth because the existing stocks in shallower waters are sufficient and the cost for trawling below 500 m is high. Therefore, the main objective is to examine the feasibility to develop this type of deep sea fishery from the point of view of cost, product acceptance and socio-economic value of such fishery.

Final Report