The first initiative to develop and apply an ecological monitoring scheme for the Schinias-Marathon National Park Management Body, this included: water, plankton, vegetation and bird population monitoring.

The Institute of Inland waters collaborated with HCMR’s Institute of Oceanography to develop and apply an ecological monitoring scheme in order to provide knowledge and understanding for biodiversity management in this small coastal wetland National Park.  This National Park is located only 40 kilometers from Athens and is an internationally Important Bird Area. The Park’s wetland habitats and coastal woodland area is threatened by water exploitation and mismanagement, poor conservation enforcement and intense recreational pressures. A lack of understanding of water management needs for wildlife habitat uses further degrades the Park’s important biodiversity and nature interpretation values. The site is especially important for public awareness and sensitization since it is the largest and most important wetland area near Greece’s capital city.

The project benefited from a cooperative network of scientists and volunteers who worked with HCMR to develop the monitoring scheme and participate in field research. These NGOs and scientific organization included: The Hellenic Bird Ringing Scheme, Hellenic Ornithological Society and several local residents and naturalists.

Ornithological monitoring was applied for a two year period. Unfortunately, after 2010 the monitoring did not continue due to financial and other institutional problems and constraints within the National Park Management Body.  HCMR personnel have continued to regularly inspect and survey the wetland site and cooperate with the Management Body and major Environmental NGOs that promote the site’s conservation.