Eudoxia Schismenou

Eudoxia Schismenou

Research Associate

Tel: +30-2810-337831
Fax: +30-2810-337822

Short CV

  • BSc in Biology, Department of Biology, School of Natural Sciences, University of Patras, Greece (1999-2003)
  • MSc in Ecology, Management & Protection of the Natural Environment, Department of Biology, School of Natural Sciences, University of Patras, Greece (2003-2005)
  • PhD in the Department of Biology, School of Sciences and Engineering, University of Crete, Greece in collaboration with the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (2007-2012)

Dr. Schismenou is a fisheries biologist. Her research has mainly focused on fish biology and ecology, small pelagic fish growth and reproduction, reproductive ecology and small pelagic fish spatial distribution and environmental interactions. She has attended special training courses in applied fish reproductive biology, otolith microstructure analysis of small pelagic fish larvae and juveniles.

She has acted as Principal Investigator in one project and she has participated in more than 10 national and international projects.

She has contributed 14 papers in peer-reviewed journals, 1 book chapter, as well as more than 30 other publications (i.e., conference proceedings, special publications, etc).

Indicative Publications

  • Gkanasos, A., Schismenou, E., Tsiaras, K., Somarakis, S., Giannoulaki, M., Sofianos, S., &Triantafyllou, G. (2021). A three dimensional, full life cycle, anchovy and sardine model for the North Aegean Sea (Eastern Mediterranean): Validation, sensitivity and climatic scenario simulations. Mediterranean Marine Science, 22(3), 653-668. doi:
  • Somarakis, S., Giannoulaki, M., Markakis, K., Tsiaras, K., Schismenou, E., Peristeraki, P. (2021). Ovarian dynamics, batch fecundity and spawning phenology of the lessepsian migrant EtrumeusgolaniiDiBattista, Randall & Bowen, 2012 (Clupeidae: Dussumieriinae). Mediterranean Marine Science, 22(3), 466-479. doi:
  • Gkanasos, A., Somarakis, S., Tsiaras, K., Kleftogiannis, D.d, Giannoulaki, M.c, Schismenou, E., Sofianos, S., Triantafyllou, G. (2019). Development, application and evaluation of a 1-D full life cycle anchovy and sardine model for the North Aegean Sea (Eastern Mediterranean) PLoS ONE 14 (8) 1 August 2019, Article number e0219671.
  • Tsoukali, S., Giannoulaki, M., Siapatis, A., Schismenou, E., Somarakis, A.S. (2019). Using spatial indicators to investigate fish spawning strategies from ichthyoplankton surveys: A case study on co-occurring pelagic species from the North-East Aegean Sea. Mediterranean Marine Science 20 (1) 106-119.
  • Somarakis, S., Tsoukali, S., Schismenou, E., Nikolioudakis, N. (2018). Spawning stock, egg production and larval survival in relation to small pelagic fish recruitment. Marine Ecology Progress Series Volume 2018, 2018.
  • Schismenou, E., Tsoukali, S., Giannoulaki, M., Somarakis, S. (2017). Modelling small pelagic fish potential spawning habitats: eggs vs spawners and in situ vs satellite data. Hydrobiologia  788, 17–32.
  • Schismenou, E., Palmer, M., Giannoulaki, M., Alvarez, I., Tsiaras, K., Triantafyllou, G., Somarakis S. (2016). Seasonal changes in otolith increment width trajectories and the effect of temperature on the daily growth rate of young sardines. Fisheries Oceanography 25:4, 362–372.
  • Schismenou, E., Giannoulaki, M.,Tsiaras, K., Lefkaditou, E., Triantafyllou, G., Somarakis S. (2014). Disentangling the effects of inherent otolith growth and model-simulated ecosystem parameters on the daily growth rate of young anchovies. Marine Ecology Progress Series 515, 227–237.
  • Giannoulaki, M., Iglesias M., Tugores, M.P., Bonanno, A., Patti, B., De Felice, A., Leonori, I., Bigot, J.L., Ticina, V., Pyrounaki,  M.M., Tsagarakis, K., Machias, A Somarakis, S., Schismenou, E., Quinci, E., Basilone, G., Cuttita, A., Campanella, F., Miquel, J., Onate, D., Roos, D., Valavanis, V. (2013). Characterizing the potential habitat of European anchovy Engraulisencrasicolusin the Mediterranean Sea, at different life stages. Fisheries Oceanography 22(2), 69-89.
  • Schismenou, E., Tsiaras, K., Kourepini, M.I., Lefkaditou, E., Triantafyllou, G., Somarakis, S. (2013). Seasonal changes in growth and condition of anchovy late larvae explained with a hydrodynamic- biogeochemical model simulation. Marine Ecology Progress Series 478, 197-209.
  • Schismenou, E., Somarakis, S., Thorsen, A., Kjesbu, O.S. (2012). Dynamics of de novo vitellogenesis in fish with indeterminate fecundity: an application of oocyte packing density theory to European anchovy, Engraulisencrasicolus. Marine Biology 159, 757-768.
  • Somarakis,  S., Schismenou, E., Siapatis, A., Giannoulaki, M., Kallianiotis, A., Machias, A. (2012). High variability in the Daily Egg Production Method parameters of an eastern Mediterranean anchovy stock: Influence of environmental factors, fish condition and population density.  Fisheries Research, 117-118, 12-21.
  • Siapatis, A., Giannoulaki, M., Valavanis, V.D, Palialexis, A., Schismenou, E., Machias, A., Somarakis S. (2008). Modelling potential habitat of the invasive ctenophore Mnemiopsisleidyiin Aegean Sea, Hydrobiologia, 612, 281-295.
  • Schismenou, E., Giannoulaki, M., Valavanis,  V.D, Somarakis.  S. (2008). Modeling and predicting potential spawning habitat of anchovy (Engraulisencrasicolus) and round sardinella (Sardinella aurita) based on satellite environmental information, Hydrobiologia, 612: 201-214.
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