The Recovery of Atlantic Swordfish: The Comparative Roles of the Regional Fisheries Management Organization and Species Biology.

This paper authored by John Neilson, Freddy Arocha, Shannon Calay, Jaime Mejuto, Mauricio Ortiz, Gerry Scott, Craig Smith, Paulo Travassos, George Tserpes, and Irene Andrushchenko and published in Reviews in Fisheries Science (21:2, 59-97) is a comprehensive study that has national and international relevance.

The focus is on Swordfish, but the analyses also relate to regional fisheries organizations as well as the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas.

An important conclusion is that the recovery resulted from a coordinated international management as well as a biology that benefited from improved ocean survival. The paper is so well-written and organized, that it can be an informative and enjoyable read for the general public.

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