George Christides

George Christides

Scientific Personnel

Tel: +30 211065232
Fax: +30 2109811713

Short CV

  • B.Sc., Ichthyology and Fisheries, Technical School of Ichthyology and Fisheries of Messolonghi, Greece (1985).

Christides George is technologist ichthyologist at the Institute of Marine Biological Resources and Inland Waters HCMR. Has experience almost 20 years on research activities in the field, (with fishing trawls, coastal vessels and purse seines), elaboration of the samples in the laboratory. He has studied the trawls impact of the Greek seas and discards, and he has involved in studies on age, fertility and reproduction of fish and cephalopods and deep water fisheries.

He has been involved in several projects such as: DEEP FISH (EU/CT95-0655), MUGIL (INCO-CT-2006-026180), Campagne internationale de chalutage demersal en Mediterranee (MEDITS 96,98-GR).E.U.-N.C.M.R.,Contract No Etude 95/27, Development of the Greek fisheries’ assessment of demersal stocks that is commercially important in S. Aegean. Project code 125, Campagne internationale de chalutage demersal en Mediterranee (MEDITS 98,99-GR).E.U.-N.C.M.R.,Contract No Etude 97/041, Investigation of new biological resources in the Deep waters on the Ionian Sea. Program INTERREG II Greece-Italy (1999-2001). FAIR Project CT 95-0655, “Exploration of pristine red shrimp resources and comparison with exploited ones in the Ionian Sea”.(RESHIO)-Studies/DG XIV/Contract No 99/029, “Campagne internationale de chalutage demersal en Mediterranee” (MEDITS 2000-GR).E.U.-N.C.M.R., Contract no Etude 99/038, “International bottom trawl surveys in the Mediterranean” (MEDITS 2001-GR).E.U.-N.C.M.R.,Study contract No 00/10, “National Program for EU fisheries data collection Regulation” 1543/2000, Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food/Greece,163426/21/3/2003, “Development of coastal fisheries in South Aegean”.PEP-FAD-WFP (2003-2005) Southern Aegean, 3rd Social Support Framework, 72887, “Study of fisheries sustainability of the Argolikos Gulf” EP.AL. 2000-2006. Measure 4.4., National Program for EU fisheries data collection Regulation 1543/2000, Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food/Greece,163426/21/3/2003, “Boat seine fishing impacts on fishery stocks”. EPAL 2000-2006 (Task 4.4, Cod. No 128432/1), CoralFISH (Refference no FP7-213144), (2010) “Developing fisheries management indicators and targets”, “Investigation and application study of the ecosystemic approach to fishery in the Ionian Sea (Greece) and Black Sea (Romania)” (Con. Num.: GGRT11 ROM 34_2_ET30).

He has also participated in many conferences, meetings and workshops with announcements.

Research interest

  • Technological issues related to Fisheries Biology.
  • Age and growth on demersal and deep water of fish species.
  • Feeding analysis of fish biodiversity.
  • Improvement of selectivity fishing gears.


  • AnastasopoulouA., Mytilineou Ch., Lefkaditou E., Kavadas S., Bekas P., Smith C.J., Papadopoulou K.N., and Christides G. The diet and feeding ecology of Conger conger (l. 1758) in the deep waters of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Medit. Mar. Sci. (in press).
  • Bekas P., Mytilineou C., Anastasopoulou A., Lefkaditou E., Smith C., Papadopoulou K.N., & Christidis G. Polyprion americanus Occurence in a coral and non-coral area of the eastern Ionian Sea ICZEGAR 2012.
  • Kapiris, K., Dogrammatzi, A., Christides G., Kallias, H., 2008. Preliminary results on the Decapod fauna of the Argolikos Gulf (Central Aegean Sea). 9th Colloquium Crustacea Decapoda Mediterranea, 2-6 September 2008, Turin, Italy. Abstracts: 64.
  • Kapiris, K., Kavadas S., Kallias, H., Dogrammatzi, A., Christides G. 2008. Preliminary results on the Decapod fauna of the Argolikos Gulf (Central Aegean Sea). 4ο Panellenic Congress Ecology: Current research trends in Ecology. Volos 9-12 October, Abstracts Volume: 106.
  • Lefkaditou E., Karkani M., Christidis G., Kavadas S., Anastasopoulou A. & Mytilineou Ch. Litter composition on the shelf and upper slope of the Argosaronikos region and the eastern Ionian Sea, as evidenced by MEDITS (bottom trawl) surveys 1995-2008.
  • Mytilineou Ch., Anastasopoulou A., Christides G., Bekas P., Smith C. J., Papadopoulou K. N., Lefkaditou E. & S. Kavadas. New records of rare deep-water fish species in the Eastern Ionian Sea. J. Natural History (in press).
  • Mytilineou Ch., Anastasopoulou A., Smith C. J., Papadopoulou K. N., Kavadas S., Dogrammatzi, A., Christides G., Comparison of CPUE, biological and population parameters of fish species inhabiting a deep-water coral and a non-coral area in the Eastern Ionian Sea. Sustainable Fisheries in a Changing World 7th -11th May 2012 Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • Mytilineou C., Anastasopoulou A., Christides G., Bekas P., J. SMITH C., Papadopoulou K. N., Lefkaditou E., and Kavadas S., New records of rare deep-water fish species in the Eastern Ionian Sea Do they indicate climate changes? Sient. Mar. 2012.
  • Smith C.J., Papadopoulou K-N., Mytilineou Ch., Anastasopoulou A., Kavadas S., Siapatis A., Dogrammatzi K. & Christidis G. Deep sea fish biodiversity: comparisons of coral and non-coral areas World Conference on Marine Biodiversity Aberdeen 2011.
  • Vassilopoulou V., Siapatis A., Christides G. & Bekas P. Life history aspects of the pilotfish (Naucrates Ductor) in Greek waters 7th Symposium on Oceanography and Fisheries 182.
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