Ioannis Leris

Ioannis Leris

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Short CV

  • BSc in Biology: University of Crete (2001-2006)
  • MSc in Environmental Biology – Management of Terrestrial and Marine Resources: University of Crete (2006-2008)
  • PhD in Behavioural Biology: Utrecht University (2010-2016)

Dr. Ioannis Leris received his BSc in Biology in 2006 from University of Crete in Heraklion. There he joined Prof. Maroudio Kentouri’s Aquaculture lab and studied the effects of rearing temperature on body shape differentiation in zebrafish (Danio rerio) for his BSc dissertation.

He conducted his MSc research project in the same lab, studying the effect of sex and rearing temperature on zebrafish swimming performance. During his undergraduate and graduate studies he participated in various other projects on fish morphology, physiology and aquaculture, mainly examining early-environment effects.

He started his PhD in 2010 in the Behavioural Biology group of Utrecht University and Helmholtz Institute, under the supervision of Dr. Simon Reader and promoted by Prof. Johan Bolhuis. In his research project he examined the development of social behaviour in guppies (Poecilia reticulata); again focusing on the influence of early-life conditions (social cues, predation regime and conspecific density).

A large part of this project was conducted in McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and it also included fieldwork in various rivers of Trinidad and Tobago. In January 2018 he joined the Institute of Inland Waters in HCMR as a member of the Ichthyologists team.

He has participated in 5 National and European research programmes. He has co-authored 9 publications in peer-reviewed journals and 14 other publications and extended abstracts in conference proceedings.

Indicative Publications

  • Reddon, A. R., Chouinard-Thuly, L., Leris, & Reader, S. M. (2018). Wild and laboratory exposure to cues of predation risk increase relative brain mass in male guppies. Functional Ecology, 32, p. 1847-1856.
  • Chouinard-Thuly, L., Reddon, A.R., Leris, Earley, R.L., & Reader, S. M. (2018). Developmental plasticity of the stress response in female but not male guppies. Royal Society Open Science, 5,172268.
  • Leris, & Reader, S. M. (2016). Age and early social environment influence guppy social learning propensities. Animal Behaviour120, p. 11–19.
  • Reader, S. M., & Leris, (2014). What shapes social decision making? Behavioral and Brain Sciences37, p. 96–97.
  • Leris, Sfakianakis, D. G., & Kentouri, M. (2013). Are zebrafish Danio rerio males better swimmers than females? Journal of Fish Biology83, p. 1381–1386.
  • Sfakianakis, D. G., Leris, & Kentouri, M. (2012). Exercise-related muscle lactate metabolism in zebrafish juveniles : The effect of early life temperature. Italian Journal of Zoology79, p. 568–573.
  • Sfakianakis, D. G., Leris, Mylonas, C. C., & Kentouri, M. (2012). Temperature during early life determines sex in zebrafish, Danio rerio (Hamilton, 1822). Journal of Biological Research17, p. 68–73.
  • Sfakianakis, D. G., Leris, Laggis, A., & Kentouri, M. (2011). The effect of rearing temperature on body shape and meristic characters in zebrafish (Danio rerio) juveniles. Environmental Biology of Fishes92, p. 197–205.
  • Sfakianakis, D. G., Leris, & Kentouri, M. (2011). Effect of developmental temperature on swimming performance of zebrafish (Danio rerio) juveniles. Environmental Biology of Fishes90, p. 421–427.
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