The project aims to provide a better understanding of the role of the economic, institutional and socio-cultural components within the ecosystem approach to marine fisheries (EAF) process and to examine some potential methods and approaches that may facilitate the adoption of EAF management in two European countries: Greece and Romania.
It explores both the human context for the ecosystem approach to fisheries and the human dimensions involved in implementing the EAF. For the national authorities, the project will provide a background material essential to understand prior to embarking on EAF initiatives, including an understanding of key concepts and issues, of the valuation of marine ecosystems socially, culturally and economically, and of the many policy, legal, institutional, social and economic considerations relevant to the EAF.
Specific objectives:
(1) Social, economic and institutional considerations in EAF in Greece and Romania
(2) Assessing of the human values of ecosystem services
(3) Methodologies for assessing the value of fisheries marine ecosystems
(4) Policy, legal and institutional frameworks
(5) Establishment of steps in implementing the EAF in Greece and Romania