Joint assimilation of satellite aerosol, cloud and precipitation observations in numerical models to support climate and hydrologic applications.

This project belongs to the category of Marie Curie International Re-integration Grants (IRG) of FP7 and its goal is to support the re-integration of Dr Mircea Grecu into the European Research Area.

The Hellenic Center for Marine Research is committed to support this reintegration by offering Dr Grecu a four-year appointment. The research objective is to use existing satellite aerosol, cloud and precipitation observations to gain insight into cloud processes and their impact on climate and weather.

Specifically we intend to assimilate satellite observations into a state of the art cloud-resolving atmospheric model. This will facilitate a better analysis of the interaction between clouds and large scale processes and allow for the development of better cloud microphysical schemes.
Based on the analysis, the impact of aerosol on the climate and storms will be rigorously assessed. [MIRG-CT-2007-210011]