Konstantinos Stefanidis

Konstantinos Stefanidis

Research Associate

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Short CV

  • BSc in Biology, University of Patras (1999-2003)
  • MSc in Environmental Biology, University of Patras (2003-2005)
  • PhD in Limnology-Freshwater Ecology, University of Patras (2005-2011)

Dr.Kostas Stefanidis received a BSc in Biology in 2003 and a MSc in Management and Conservation of Natural Environment in 2005 from University of Patras. He completed his PhD in 2011. During his PhD thesis he investigated the role of aquatic macrophytes as a habitat for zooplankton communities in Greek lakes.

He has worked as research associate in Department of Biology in University of Patras from 2004 to 2014 participating in several national and European research projects (Cyprus WFD, EUMON, REFRESH).

In 2014 he joined the Centre for Hydrology and Informatics in the National Technical University of Athens where he worked for the EU funded project MARS. Since March of 2018 he has been working as a research associate in the Institute of Marine Biological Resources and Inland Waters.

He has more than 12 years of experience in ecological assessment of freshwater ecosystems based on biotic communities in line with WFD requirements. His research interests include the study of ecological processes in shallow lakes, the use of aquatic macrophytes as ecological indicators in rivers and lakes and the impact of climate change on freshwater ecosystems.He has co-authored several scientific articles in international peer-review journals, national and international conferences and technical reports.

Indicative Publications

  • Hadjisolomou E., Stefanidis, G. Papatheodorou, E. Papastergiadou (2018). Assessment of the Eutrophication-Related Environmental Parameters in Two Mediterranean Lakes by Integrating Statistical Techniques and Self-Organizing Maps. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 15: article number 547
  • Stefanidis K., Y. Panagopoulos & M. Mimikou (2018). Response of a multi-stressed Mediterranean river to future climate and socio-economic scenarios. Science of the Total Environment 627: 756-769
  • Hadjisolomou E., Stefanidis, G. Papatheodorou, E. Papastergiadou (2017). Evaluating the contributing environmental parameters associated with eutrophication in a shallow lake by applying Artificial Neural Networks Techniques. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin 26 (5):3200-3208
  • Psomas A., Y. Panagopoulos, Stefanidis, M. Mimikou (2017). Assessing future water supply and demand in a water-stressed catchment after environmental restrictions on abstractions. Journal of Water Supply: Research and Technology – AQUA 66: 442-453
  • Tavşanoğlu Ü.N., M. Šorf, Stefanidis, S. Brucet, S. Türkan, H. Agasild, D.L Baho, U. Scharfenberger, J. Hejzlar, E. Papastergiadou, R. Adrian, D.G Angeler, P. Zingel, A.İ. Çakıroğlu, A. Özen, S. Drakare, M. Søndergaard, E. Jeppesen, M. Beklioğlu (2017). Effects of nutrient and water level changes on the composition and size structure of zooplankton communities in shallow lakes under different climatic conditions: a pan-European mesocosm experiment. Aquatic Ecology 51: 257-273
  • Stefanidis K., K. Kostara, E. Papastergiadou (2016). Implications of human activities, land use changes and climate variability in Mediterranean lakes of Greece. Water 8 (11): article number 483
  • Stefanidis K., Y. Panagopoulos, A. Psomas, M. Mimikou (2016). Assessment of the natural flow regime in a Mediterranean river impacted from irrigated agriculture. Science of the Total Environment 573: 1492-1502
  • Hadjisolomou E., Stefanidis, G. Papatheodorou, E. Papastergiadou (2016). Assessing the contribution of the environmental parameters to eutrophication with the use of the “PaD” and “PaD2” methods in a hypertrophic lake. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 13 (8): article number 764
  • Coppens J., J. Hejzlar, M. Šorf, E. Jeppesen, S. Erdoğan, U. Scharfenberger, A. Mahdy, P. Nõges, A. Tuvikene, D. Baho, C.Trigal, E. Papastergiadou, Stefanidis, S. Olsen & M. Beklioğlu (2016). The influence of nutrient loading, climate and water depth on nitrogen and phosphorus loss in shallow lakes: A pan-European mesocosm experiment. Hydrobiologia 78: 13-32
  • Papastergiadou E., Stefanidis, G. Dorfliger, E. Giannouris, K. Kostara & P.  Manolaki (2016). Exploring Biodiversity in Riparian Corridors of a Mediterranean Island: Plant Communities and Environmental Parameters in Cyprus Rivers. Plant Biosystems 150 (1): 91- 103
  • Papastergiadou E., P. Manolaki, G. Dorfliger, E. Giannouris, K. Kostara &. Stefanidis (2015). Inventory of aquatic and riparian flora in fluvial corridors of a Mediterranean island. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin 24 (6a): 2179-2192
  • Stefanidis K., Panagopoulos & M. Mimikou (2015). Impact assessment of agricultural driven stressors on benthic macroinvertebrates using simulated data. Science of the Total Environment 540: 32-42
  • Baho D., N. Tavsanoglu, M. Šorf, K. Stefanidis, S. Drakare, U. Scharfenberger, H. Agasild, M. Beklioğlu, J. Hejzlar, R. Adrian, Papastergiadou, P. Zingel, M. Søndergaard, E. Jeppesen & D. Angeler (2015). Macroecological patterns of resilience inferred from a multinational, synchronised experiment. Sustainability 7 (2): 1142-1160
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  • Landkildehus F., M. Søndergaard, M. Beklioglu, R. Adrian, D.G. Angeler, J. Hejzlar, E. Papastergiadou, P. Zingel, A. Idil Çakiroglu, U. Scharfenberger, S. Drakare, T. Nõges, M. Šorf, Stefanidis, Ü. N. Tavsanoglu, C. Trigal, A. Mahdy, C. Papadaki, L. Tuvikene, M. Kernan & E. Jeppesen (2014). Climate change effects on shallow lakes: design and preliminary results of a cross-European climate gradient mesocosm experiment. Estonian Journal of Ecology 63 (2): 71-89
  • Stefanidis K. & E. Papastergiadou (2013). Effects of a long term water level reduction on the ecology and water quality in an eastern Mediterranean lake. Knowledge and Management of Aquatic Ecosystems 411: 05
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  • Papastergiadou, E.S., I Kagalou, Stefanidis, A. Retalis & I. Leonardos (2010). Effects of anthropogenic influences on the trophic state, land uses and aquatic vegetation in a shallow Mediterranean lake: implications for restoration. Water Resources Management 24: 415- 435
  • Stefanidis K. & E.S. Papastergiadou (2007). Aquatic Vegetation and Related Abiotic Environment in a Shallow Urban Lake of Greece. Belgian Journal of Botany 140 (1): 25-38
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