Mediterranean Alientic Resources Evaluation and Advice. The project aims to organize a consortium of European research Institutes and Centres with expertise in fisheries research,which will be readily available to offer scientific advice on fisheries issues which are currently required or will be required by the commission. DG MARE has asked for scientific advice for 7 different issues from which 3 have received a top priority status. The scientific subject of the first 3 tasks is:

(1) Collection and mapping (GIS) of information for essential fish habitats.

(2) Development of a bio-economic modeling tool to develop and support multi-objective approaches for fisheries management. Identification of the main species and fleet segments/metier covering an adequate proportion of total catches/landings and total revenues of the main metier involved in multispecies multiple gears demersal fisheries in different Mediterranean sub-regions.

(3) Estimation of maximum net length of trammel nets, gillnets and combined bottom set nets by using the volume of the mass of the net.

The budget of each project will be agreed when each project will be approved by DG MARE and then, the proposal will be submitted for evaluation and approval from the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research separately and individually. {MARE/2009/2005-Lot 1-Med}