Nadia Papadopoulou

Nadia Papadopoulou

Research Associate

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Short CV

  • B.Sc. Biology,  University of Athens, Greece, 1987

Nadia Papadopoulou has been working in Crete for 25 years and during this time has participated in approximately 50 national and international research projects, including as HCMR Principal investigator in the EU ODEMM project (Ecosystem Approach to marine management). Recent EU projects include: DEVOTES (MSFD & Biodiversity), BENTHIS (Ecosystem fisheries impacts), BADMINTON (Discards), MERMAID (MSFD & Assessments), MEDISEH (MPAs/FRAs/sensitive habitats), MEECE, CoralFISH, ELME, NECESSITY. Her main research interests include:

  • Ecosystem impacts and ecosystem approach to marine management of pressures: impacts of fishing (target, not target, discards, survival, fate, recovery), aquaculture, other marine/maritime impacts (e.g. litter) and assessment methodologies
  • Invertebrate fisheries: life histories and ecology, age, growth and mortality, dynamics and stock assessment with emphasis on Nephrops norvegicus
  • Gear technologies: fishing gear selection, alternative fishing techniques (particularly trapping)
  • Benthic ecology: megafaunal and macrofaunal community structure and dynamics, ecosystem processes and functioning, biological traits analysis, interactions of functional groups
  • Public awareness on environmental issues/scientific dissemination, societal relevance, governance and stakeholder perceptions and policies.

She has published 25 papers in peer-reviewed international journals, several book chapters, has had more than 50 presentations in international conferences and co-authored numerous deliverables and reports. She has also been involved over the years in various international committees,  including the ICES Benthos Ecology Working Group and Nephrops Studies Group.

Nadia has also been involved in scientific administration, management boards and has coordinated directorial level appointment activities.


  • Anastasopoulou A, Mytilineou Ch, Lefkaditou E, Dokos J, Smith CJ, Siapatis A, Bekas P, Papadopoulou KN. Diet and feeding strategy of blackmouth catshark Galeus melastomus in the deep-waters of the eastern Mediterranean. Journal of Fish Biology (in press)
  • Freire-Gibb C, Koss B, Margonski P, Papadopoulou N (2014) Governance strength and weaknesses to achieving good environmental status in EU marine regions. Marine Policy 44:172-178
  • Mytilineou Ch, Smith CJ, Anastasopoulou A, Papadopoulou K, Christidis G, Bekas P, Kavadas S, Dokos J. New cold‐water coral occurrences in the eastern Ionian Sea: results from experimental long line fishing. Deep Sea Research II in press
  • Anastasopoulou A, Mytilineou Ch, Lefkaditou E, Kavadas S, Bekasv, Smith CJ, Papadopoulou KN, Christides G (2013) The diet and feeding ecology of Conger conger (l. 1758) in the deep waters of the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Mediterranean Marine Science 14:365-368
  • Anastasopoulou A, Mytilineou Ch, Smith CJ, Papadopoulou KN (2013) Plastic debris ingested by deep-water fish of the Ionian Sea (eastern Mediterranean). Deep-Sea Research I 74:11-13
  • Eliasen SQ, Papadopoulou K-N, Vassilopoulou V, Catchpole TL (2013) Socio-economic and institutional incentives influencing fishers’ behaviour in relation to fishing practices and discard. ICES Journal of Marine Science, doi:10.1093/icesjms/fst120.
  • Breen P, Robinson LA, Rogers SI, Knights AM, Piet G, Churilova T, Margonski P, Papadopoulou N, Akoglu E, Eriksson A, Fineko Z, Fleming-Lehtinen V, Galil B, Goodsir F, Goren M, Kryvenko O, Leppanen JM, Markantonatou V, Moncheva S, Oguz T, Paltriguera L, Stefanova K, Timofte F, Thomsen F (2012) An environmental assessment of risk in achieving good environmental status to support regional prioritisation of management in Europe. Marine Policy 36:1033-1043
  • Mytilineou Ch, Anastasopoulou A, Christides G, Bekas P, Smith CJ, Papadopoulou KN, Lefkaditou E, Kavadas S (2013) New records of rare deep-water fish species in the Eastern Ionian Sea. Journal of Natural History 47:1645-1662
  • Petihakis G, Smith CJ, Triantafyllou G, Sourlantzis G, Papadopoulou K-N, Pollani A, Korres G (2007) Scenario testing of fisheries management strategies using a high resolution ERSEM–POM ecosystem model. ICES Journal of Marine Science 64:1627-1640
  • Smith CJ, Banks AC, Papadopoulou K-N (2007) Improving the quantitative estimation of trawling impacts from side scan sonar and underwater video imagery. ICES Journal of Marine Science 64:1692-1701
  • Karakassis I, Machias A, Pitta P, Papadopoulou KN, Smith CJ, Apostolaki ET, Giannoulaki M, Koutsoubas D, Somarakis S (2006) Cross-community congruence of patterns in a marine ecosystem: Do the parts reflect the whole? Marine Ecology Progress Series 310:47-54
  • Machias A, Giannoulaki M, Somarakis S, Maravelias CD, Neofitou C, Koutsoubas D, Papadopoulou KN, Karakassis I (2006) Fish farming effects on local fisheries landings in oligotrophic seas. Aquaculture 261:809-816
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  • Somarakis S, Stamataki C, Machias A, Papadopoulou K, Smith C, Karakassis I (2004) Condition and fecundity of red mullet over muddy and “coralligene” substrata. Rapp. Comm. int. Mer Medit. 37:443
  • Smith CJ, Marrs SJ, Atkinson RJA, Papadopoulou K-N, Hills JM (2003) Evaluation of the underwater television technique for fisheries-independent stock assessment of Nephrops norvegicus from the Aegean (Eastern Mediterranean). Marine Ecology Progress Series 256:161-170
  • Smith CJ, Papadopoulou K-N (2003) Burrow density and stock size fluctuations of Nephrops norvegicus in a semi-enclosed bay. ICES Journal of Marine Science 60:798-805
  • Smith CJ, Rumohr H, Karakassis I, Papadopoulou K-N (2003) Analysing the impact of bottom trawls on sedimentary seabeds with sediment profile imagery. Benthic Dynamics: in situ surveillance of the sediment-water interface. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 285-286:479- 496
  • Smith CJ, Papadopoulou K-N, Diliberto S (2000) Impact of Otter trawling on an eastern Mediterranean commercial fishing ground. ICES Journal of Marine Science 57:1340-1351
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