The aim of the Greek National Fisheries Data Collection Program, which will cover all fisheries techniques used and all Greek seas, are:
(1) To contribute to the effort to protect the fish populations of Greece via the systematic monitoring of the dynamic equilibrium of certain species and techniques which are of commercial interest.
(2) To offer those making fisheries policy in Greece and the EU appropriate data in order to put forward policies aimed at the rational management of fisheries resources.
(3) To contribute to the documentation of new management systems appropriate to Greek circumstances with the aim of improving the exploitation and conservation of fish stocks in the Greek seas.
(4) To propose the appropriate of measures or to supplement the existing ones for the protection of fish production for the benefit of the fishing industry and by extension to the consumers and the national economy.
(5) To promote fisheries research in Greece by developing appropriate know-how and experience for research teams with the aim of equal, noteworthy participation in administrative and research bodies from Greece in international organizations dealing with the management of fisheries resources.

The following actions are:
(1) Gathering of data concerning fisheries capacities.
(2) Gathering of data related to fishing effort.
(3) Gathering of data related to catches and landings.
(4) The processing of parameters concerning the return per unit of effort and fisheries effort for special categories of the Greek commercial fisheries fleets.
(5) Biological sampling with experimental trawler fisheries in the Greek seas.
(6) Assessment of the parameters of biological sampling of landings.
(7) Collection of data concerning the processing industry.
(8) The creation of a fisheries data base.