The Research Vessel (R / V) PHILIA has a length of 26 meters and was constructed in 1986. Its reconstruction and modernization are of high priority as to expand its business activities and to meet the demands of contemporary fisheries and oceanographic research in relation to climate change and to the ecosystem-based management approach.

RePHIL aims to a) ensure its security and functionality and offer improved facilities to researchers expand its research activities by contributing to research and innovation through the use of new advanced technological tools b) broaden its access and use by stakeholders through a series of actions including the communication and dissemination strategy c) contribute to the support of productive sectors of fisheries, fish farming and related businesses as well as tourism d) help in the exploitation of mineral resources by searching for undersea energy reserves through modern hydroacoustic equipment e) contribute directly or indirectly to the number of scientific publications in new scientific fields and to f) contribute to the realization of new doctoral theses and create jobs for young researchers.

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