Stylianos Somarakis

Stylianos Somarakis

Research Director

Tel: +30-2810-337832
Fax: +30-2810-337822

Short CV

  • BSc in Biology, Department of Biology, University of Crete (1987-1991)
  • MSc in Marine Biology, Department of Biology, University of Crete (1991-1993)
  • PhD in the Laboratory of Fisheries Biology, Department of Biology, University of Crete (1994-1999)

Dr. Somarakis assumed his duties on January 2008. He was a Lecturer in the Biology Department of the University of Patras from 2002 to 2006 and Assistant Professor in the Biology Department of the University of Crete in 2007.

He is an expert on ichthyoplankton, egg production methods, larval fish ecology, fish reproduction and pelagic food webs, with long experience on small pelagic fish and fisheries.

He has participated in more than 55 national and international projects.

He was chairman (2005-2008) of the Working Group on small pelagics of the General Fisheries Council for the Mediterranean (GFCM-Scientific Advisory Committee) and Coordinator of the Sub-regional Committee for the Adriatic Sea (SRC-AS/GFCM) in 2016. He is a member of the Scientific Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries (DG MARE) since 2003.

He is the Editor-in-chief of the ‘Mediterranean Marine Science’ journal and serves on the Editorial Board of ‘Marine Ecology Progress Series’ and ‘Scientia Marina’.

He supervise(d)s 10 MSc and 3 PhD theses and co-supervise(d)s9 PhD theses.

He has contributed 110 papers in peer-reviewed journals (up to 2021), 16 book chapters, as well as more than 150 other publications (i.e., conference proceedings, special publications, newspaper and magazine articles).

Indicative Publications

  • Somarakis S., Giannoulaki M., Markakis K., Tsiaras, K., Schismenou, E.,Peristeraki, P.(2021) Ovarian dynamics, batch fecundity and spawning phenology of the Lessepsian migrant EtrumeusgolaniiDiBattista, Randall & Bowen, 2012 (Clupeidae: Dussumieriinae). Mediterranean Marine Science 22: 466-479.
  • Christidis G., Mandalakis M., Anastasiou T.I., Tserpes G., Peristeraki P.,Somarakis S.(2021) Keeping Lagocephalussceleratus off the table: Sources of variation in the quantity of TTX, TTX analogues, and risk of tetrodotoxication. Toxins13, no. 12., article number 896.
  • Somarakis S., Tsoukali S., Giannoulaki M., Schismenou, E., Nikolioudakis, N. (2019) Spawning stock, egg production and larval survival in relation to small pelagic fish recruitment. Marine Ecology Progress Series 617: 133-136.
  • Geladakis G., Nikolioudakis N., Koumoundouros G., Somarakis S.(2018) Morphometric discrimination of pelagic fish stocks challenged by variation in body condition. ICES Journal of Marine Science 75: 711-718.
  • Schismenou E., Palmer M., Giannoulaki M., Alvarez I., Tsiaras K., Triantafyllou G., Somarakis S. (2016) Seasonal changes in otolith increment width trajectories and the effect of temperature on the daily growth rate of young sardines. Fisheries Oceanography 25: 362-372.
  • Politikos D., Somarakis S., Tsiaras K.,Giannoulaki, M., Petihakis, G., Machias, A.,Triantafyllou G. (2015) Simulating anchovy’s full life cycle in the northern Aegean Sea (eastern Mediterranean): A coupled hydro-biogeochemical-IBM model. Progress in Oceanography 138: 399-416.
  • McBride R.S., Somarakis S., Fitzhugh G.R., et al. (2015) Energy acquisition and allocation to egg production in relation to fish reproductive strategies. Fish and Fisheries 16: 23-57.
  • Tzanatos E., Raitsos D.E., Triantafyllou G., Somarakis S., Tsonis A.A. (2014) Indications of a climate effect on Mediterranean fisheries. Climatic change 122: 41-54.
  • Somarakis S., Pavlidis M., Saapoglou C., Tsigenopoulos C.S., Dempster T. (2013) Evidence for ‘escape through spawning’ in large gilthead sea bream Sparus aurata reared in commercial sea-cages. Aquaculture Environment Interactions 3: 135-152.
  • Somarakis S., Schismenou E., Siapatis A., Giannoulaki M., Kallianiotis A., Machias A. (2012) High variability in the Daily Egg Production Method parameters of an eastern Mediterranean anchovy stock: Influence of environmental factors, fish condition and population density. Fisheries Research 117-118: 12-21.
  • Schismenou E., Somarakis S., Thorsen A., Kjesbu, O.S. (2012) Dynamics of de novo vitellogenesis in fish with indeterminate fecundity: an application of oocyte packing density theory to European anchovy, Engraulisencrasicolus. Marine Biology 159: 757-768.
  • Nikolioudakis N., Isari S., Pitta P., Somarakis S. (2012) Diet of sardine Sardina pilchardus: An ‘end-to-end’ field study. Marine Ecology Progress Series 453: 173-188.
  • Nikolioudakis N., Koumoundouros G., Kiparissis S., Somarakis S. (2010) Defining length-at-metamorphosis in fishes: a multi-character approach. Marine Biology 157: 991-1001.
  • Somarakis S., Nikolioudakis N. (2010) What makes a late anchovy larva? The development of the caudal fin seen as a milestone in fish ontogeny. Journal of Plankton Research 32: 317-326.
  • Somarakis S., Nikolioudakis N. (2007) Oceanographic habitat, growth and mortality of larval anchovy (Engraulisencrasicolous) in the northern Aegean Sea (eastern Mediterranean). Marine Biology 152: 1143-1158.
  • Tzanatos E., Somarakis S., Tserpes G., Koutsikopoulos C. (2006) Identifying and classifying small-scale fisheries métiers in the Mediterranean: A case study in the Patraikos Gulf, Greece. Fisheries Research 81: 158-168.
  • Somarakis S., Ganias K., Siapatis A., Koutsikopoulos C., Machias A., Papaconstantinou C. (2006) Spawning habitat and daily egg production of sardine in the eastern Mediterranean. Fisheries Oceanography 15: 281-292.
  • Isari S., Ramfos A., Somarakis S., Koutsikopoulos C., Kallianiotis A., Fragopoulu N. (2006) Mesozooplankton distribution in relation to hydrology of the Northeastern Aegean Sea (eastern Mediterranean). Journal of Plankton Research 28: 241-255.
  • Machias A., Karakassis I., Giannoulaki M., Papadopoulou K.N., Smith C.J., Somarakis S. (2005) The response of demersal fish communities to the presence of fish farms. Marine Ecology Progress Series 288: 241-250.
  • Somarakis S., Palomera I., Garcia A., Quintanilla L., Koutsikopoulos C., Uriarte A., Motos L. (2004) Daily egg production of anchovy in European waters. ICES Journal of Marine Science 61: 944-958.
  • Ganias K., Somarakis S., Machias A., Theodorou A. (2004) Pattern of oocyte development and batch fecundity in the Mediterranean sardine. Fisheries Research 67: 13-23.
  • Somarakis S., Drakopoulos P., Filippou V. (2002) Distribution and abundance of larval fishes in the northern Aegean Sea -eastern Mediterranean- in relation to early summer oceanographic conditions. Journal of Plankton Research 24: 339-357.
  • Pavlidis M., Koumoundouros G., Stergioti A., Somarakis S., Divanach P., Kentouri M. (2000) Evidence of temperature-dependent sex determination in the European Sea bass (Dicentrarchuslabrax). Journal of Experimental Zoology 287: 225-232.
  • Machias A., Somarakis S., Tsimenides N. (1998) Bathymetric distribution and movements of red mullet Mullussurmuletus. Marine Ecology Progress Series 166:247-257.
  • Somarakis S., Kostikas I., Peristeraki N., Tsimenides N. (1997) Fluctuating asymmetry in the otoliths of larval anchovy Engraulisencrasicolus and the use of developmental instability as an indicator of condition in larval fish. Marine Ecology Progress Series 151: 191-203.
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