“Emerging Trends in Freshwater Ecology and Ecosystem Management”

Dr Ioannis Karaouzas and Dr Christos Theodoropoulos

Today, freshwater ecosystems are being critically threatened by agrochemical and industrial pollution, habitat degradation and loss, the introduction of invasive species, unsustainable dam construction, water overexploitation, and anthropogenic and climate-change-induced water scarcity. This Special Issue of Water welcomes scientific contributions from freshwater scientists, water managers, and policy makers that will enhance the state-of-the-art scientific knowledge in research and applications in the field of freshwater ecology and ecosystem protection and management. Contributors may propose advanced concepts/frameworks and solutions, demonstrate new ecological tools to tackle the aforementioned issues, and advance towards a balanced/sustainable human interaction with freshwater ecosystems. Specifically, submissions may address one of the following issues:

  • Impact of pollution on freshwater ecosystems;
  • Innovative concepts and practices regarding pollution mitigation and management;
  • Reviews of sustainable freshwater resources management policies and best practice case studies;
  • Effects of multiple stressors on freshwater ecosystems; … Read more

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*A special issue of Water (ISSN 2073-4441). This special issue belongs to the sectionWater Quality and Ecosystems“.