“The Use of Smart Technologies and Internet of Things Infrastructure for Water Resources Monitoring and Management”

Dr. Elias Dimitriou

Recent technological advancements have facilitated the development of efficient, low-cost sensors and automatic measurement platforms that allow monitoring of water resources in high spatial and temporal scales. Telecommunication technologies and the development of Internet of Things infrastructure have provided the opportunity for near real-time monitoring of water quantity and quality, offering early warning and adaptive water management capabilities. Key parameters such as water level, discharge and physicochemical properties are nowadays measured with a variety of smart, low-cost sensors, radar systems, remotely operated – aerial or floating – vehicles and satellites. These state-of-the-art monitoring infrastructures are expected to provide significant amount of valuable data in the next years, supporting policy makers and managers to preserve, manage and restore water resources in an efficient manner. Therefore, the aim of this Special Issue is to present the latest technological methods and applications for the monitoring and management of water resources with the aim to provide near real-time information and/or high spatial and temporal resolution data that can optimize current management practices and minimize the potential impacts of water-related disasters ...Read more

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*A special issue of Water (ISSN 2073-4441). This special issue belongs to the section “Hydrology and Hydrogeology“.  Deadline for manuscript submissions: 30 September 2021