Technical specifications of Mediterranean trawl gears.

The goal of the contract is to have updated information on the characteristics of trawl nets used in different Mediterranean fisheries, with a view to possibly establish maximum dimensions and adequate rigging for trawl fishing gears.

All these elements will contribute to improve the selectivity, to limit the fishing effort and to minimize the environmental impact of fishing gears. In addition, such information can be useful to evaluate the potential harvesting pattern of different gears in terms of explored area during fishing operations and thus contributing to underpin specific management measures of fishing capacity.
Empirical relationships among different parts of the fishing trawl gears, including different type of likely attachments, as well as between some of these parts and the otterboard size and the engine power of the vessel shall be reported.

The study must be carried out on the basis of the information collected and/or measured in relevant Mediterranean fishing fleets with the collaboration both of the fishing sectors and of the control/inspection bodies. Information must also be independently collected through the fishing-nets makers, door manufacturers and when possible fishermen. Literature information as well as results from research projects and studies, funded either with national or/and EU support, must be used in view of establishing synergies among different scientific domains while avoiding duplications.