The aim of the project “Creation of an ecosystem based fisheries model for the management of the Volvi lake” is the integrated approach and the selection of exploitation models of the lake ecosystem.
The main research areas of the project are:

• The development of an ecosystem-based fisheries model that will correspond to the existing exploitation conditions of the Volvi lake.

• The development of scenarios and model analysis that will lead to the prioritization of critical points for the production and the future sustainability of fish stocks.

• Data entry and database creation according to the project’s needs.

• The recording and analysis of the characteristics of the fishers involved in the lake in relation to their occupation type and their dependence degree.

• The development of a fisher’s typology and of people dependent, in varying degrees, on the fisheries exploitation of the lake.

• The impact assessment of changing the exploitation operational framework, according to the   scenarios developed.

• The presentation, the commenting and the evaluation of different scenarios for the optimization of exploitation taking into consideration the ecological and socio-economic impact assessment.