Utilisation of groundwater desalination and wastewater reuse in the water supply of seasonally stressed regions. Sustainable management approach to provide an economic alternative to traditional water supply modes for locales in seasonally – stressed regions.
Objective: This project shall develop and field-test and innovative water supply strategy that utilises desalinated brackish groundwater, instead of sea water, with simultaneous control of saltwater intrusion and enhancement of the hydrologic budget through reuse of treated wastewater.
The main advantages of the approach are: (1) Lower water treatment costs, (2) avoidance of sharp saltwater intrusion incidents, (3) increased defence against salt water intrusion form aquifer mining, through recharge augmentation by treated wastewater, with enhancement of the hydrologic budget, as treated wastewater is reused, instead of being lost to the sea.
Other Participants: RIT.CEE, Sweden, ULPA.SEMAI, Spain, UMAG.FC.DIQ, Spain, TAHAL.WPS, Israel, MANR.WDD, Cyprus