Yorgos Amaxidis

Yorgos Amaxidis

PhD Student

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Short CV

  • BSc in Geology and Geoenvironment (DIPL.-GEOL.) at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece (1996)
  • MSc in Environmental Science at the University of Patras (joint-departments of Geology, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Mathematics) (1999-2002)
  • PhD candidate at the Duisburg-Essen University – Institute of Ecology

He has participated at numerous special training courses for the management of KPS/ESPA (MOD AE) 2009 and at the Seminar  “Strengthening Your Water Resources Modeling Capabilities”, 7 October 2002, Oscar Hotel, DHI Water & Environment.

He also participated at the Seminar “Introduction in G.I.S. (using ARC-INFO)” organized by the National Technical University of Athens, School of rural and surveying engineering, May 1999, and finally at the Seminar “Informatics and Economics”, organized by the Municipality of Penteli, 1990.

He has research interests on Hydrology, Hydrochemical quality of inland waters, Soil nutrients and processes, Soil erosion, Biogeochemical processes, Abiotic/biotic interactions, Risk assessment and Integrated River Basin Management, Soil research and desertification, Water resources, Soil, Wild Fires, Ecological quality assessment, Biogeochemistry.

He was a member of  numerous valuation committees dealing with projects of the 7th Framework Programme.

He has contributed 7 papers in peer-reviewed journals, as well as 11 other publications (i.e. conference proceedings, special publications, posters) and participated in 5 different European projects.

He was employed for 4 years at the General Secretariat for Research and Technology of the Ministry of Development. His main activity was the implementation of the 7th Framework Programme.

Currently, he is working as a scientific collaborator for the Greek Green Party (he also  worked in the private sector as well).

Indicative Publications

  • Blake WH, Theocharopoulos SP, Skoulikidis N, Clark P, Tountas P, Hartley R, Amaxidis Y (2010) Wildfire impacts on hillslope sediment and phosphorus yields. Journal of Soils Sediments 10:671-682
  • Skoulikidis N, Amaxidis Y (2009) Origin and dynamics of dissolved and particulate nutrients in a minimally disturbed Mediterranean river with intermittent flow. Journal of Hydrology 37:218-229
  • Gallart F, Amaxidis Y, Botti P, Canè , Castillo V, Chapman P, Froebrich J, García-Pintado J, Latron J, Llorens P, Lo Porto A, Morais M, Neves R, Ninov P, Perrin J-L, Ribarova I, Skoulikidis N, Tournoud M-G (2008) Investigating hydrological regimes and processes in a set of catchments with temporary waters in Mediterranean Europe. Hydrological Sciences Journal 53(3): 618-628
  • Τzorakin Ο, Νikolaidis Ν, Amaxidis Y, Skoulikidis Ν (2007) Ιn-stream biogeochemical processes of a temporary river. Environmental Science & Technology 41:1225-1231
  • Skoulikidis N, Amaxidis Y, Bertahas I, Laschou S, Gritzalis K (2006) Analysis of factors driving stream water composition and synthesis of management tools – A case study on small/medium Greek catchments. The Science of the Total Environment 362:205-241
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