YOU4BLUE is implemented by the collaboration of eight (8) partners from three (3) EU countries: Italy, Spain & Greece.

The project aims to promote a broad experience of sustainability for high school students, where natural resources are not only seen as a source of food but also recreation, spirituality, sports activities, culture, etc. Moreover, the project aims to transmit not only the knowledge related to ecosystem sustainability but also the experience of it, which should ultimately lead to the adoption of more sustainable and healthy lifestyles, renovating and harmonizing the bond between humans and humans.

The project proposes 3 main activities:
1) WE ALL LEARN, SEA Curriculum – general online component (4 modules) and context-specific component (experiential).
2) SHARING KNOWLEDGE – Exchange experiences in the 3 islands (Sardinia, Crete and Mallorca)
3) MAKING A DIFFERENCE realization of videos, illustrated books and podcasts + Active citizenship laboratory for students + 3 multiplier events to disseminate project results within local communities.

Expected results:
1) Interactive e-learning platform to enhance learning;
2) Development of at least 3 videos, 3 portfolios and 3 podcast series made by students;
3) empowered students by developing proposals to be submitted to local authorities for the improvement of local areas.

Expected outcomes:
Adoption of more sustainable and healthy lifestyles.
2) Active civic engagement of students.
3) Development of key digital competencies.
4) Enhancing soft skills (e.g. critical thinking, empathy).