Monitoring the ecological quality of rivers in Greece

The Monitoring Program of the ecological quality of rivers, coastal and transitional waters of Greece under the Article 8 of the Water Framework Directive 2000/60 EU is carried out throughout Greece, under the supervision of the Special Secretariat of Water, Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change and is funded by the NSRF 2014-2020.

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The Special Secretariat for Water, Ministry of Environment, Εnergy and Climate Change contracted HCMR to apply the National Monitoring Program for rivers, transitional and coastal waters in compliance with Article 8 of the WFD.

In the framework of this extensive national project, IMBRIW acts as a project manager and is the scientific coordinator for rivers. Additionally to monitoring, the project focuses to the development and/or adaptation of indices and metrics for the assessment of the ecological status of rivers, transitional and coastal waters and the classification of water bodies into five quality classes.

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