Apostolos Siapatis

Apostolos Siapatis

Research Associate

Tel: +30-211-1065231

Short CV

  • BSc in Biology, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece (1992)
  • PhD in Biology, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece (2017)

Dr. Apostolos Siapatis has been working at the Institute of Marine Biological Resources and Inland Waters of the HCMR since 1994.The main fields of research in which he has worked all these years include:

  • Classification and systematics of the early life history of marine fish (eggs, larvae and juveniles) in the Greek seas.
  • Τhe spatial and temporal distribution and abundance of ichthyoplankton in relation to various biotic and abiotic factors in the Greek seas..
  • Modeling of potential spawning fields of marine fish in the Greek seas.
  • Estimation of stocks of small pelagic fish (e.g. anchovy) by the DEPM method (Daily Egg Production Method),
  • Distribution and abundance of jellyfish and ctenophores in the Greek seas.

Indicative Publications

  • Rokana, C., Siapatis, A. and Megalofonou P. 2019. Ichthyoplankton assemblages and correlation with environmental factors in the North-Eastern Aegean Sea in summer 2010. Rapp. Comm. int. MerMédit., 42, p. 245.
  • Tsoukali, S., Giannoulaki, M., Siapatis, A., Schismenou, E., & Somarakis, S. 2019. Using spatial indicators to investigate fish spawning strategies from ichthyoplankton surveys: A case study on co-occurring pelagic species in the NE Aegean Sea. Mediterranean Marine Science, 20(1), p. 106-119.
  • Siapatis, A. 2014. First record of larval Facciolellaoxyrhyncha (Pisces: Nettastomatidae) in the Aegean Sea. In: New Mediterranean Marine biodiversity records (April, 2014) [edited by C. Kapiris]. Medit. Mar. Sci., 15/1, 2014, p. 198-212.
  • Siapatis, A. 2014. Maximum entropy modelling of potential habitat of the invasive ctenophore Mnemiopsisleidyi in the Mediterranean Sea. P. 52-58 in Report of the CIEASM/ICES Workshop on Mnemiopsis Science [coedited by S. Pitois and T. Shiganova] 18-20 September 2014, L Corunia, Spain, p.80
  • Τheodorou J., Siapatis A., Verriopoulos G. and Kontoyiannis H. 2013. Mesozooplankton and fish larvae abundance; correlation between environmental parameters, mesozooplankton, fish eggs and larvae Rapp. Comm. int. MerMédit., 40, 2013, p. 728.
  • Danelli, M., Siapatis A., Somarakis S., Giannoulaki M. and Machias A. 2013. The effect of environmental factors on the ichthyoplankton assemplages in the North Aegean Sea in summer 2008. Rapp. Comm. int. MerMédit., 40, 2013, p. 734.
  • Somarakis S., Schismenou E., Siapatis A., Giannoulaki M., Kallianiotis A., Machias A. 2012 High variability in the Daily Egg Production Method parameters of an eastern Mediterranean anchovy stock: Influence of environmental factors, fish condition and population density. Fisheries Research 117-118, p. 12-21
  • Siapatis, A., Giannoulaki, M., Valavanis, V D., Machias, A. and S. Somarakis, 2010. Spatial distribution of ctenophore Mnemiopsisleidyi in Aegean Sea. Rapp. Comm. Int. Mer Medit. Vol. 39, p. 665.
  • Siapatis, A, Giannoulaki M, Valavanis VD, Palialexis A, Schismenou E, Machias A, Somarakis S 2008 Modelling potential habitat of the invasive ctenophore Mnemiopsisleidyiin Aegean Sea. Hydrobiologia 612, p. 281-295.
  • Vassilopoulou V., Siapatis Α., Papaconstantinou C. & E. Caragitsou, 2008. Annotated records of scombroid eggs and larvae distribution in northeastern Mediterranean waters. Mediterranean Marine Science, 9/1, p. 21-29.
  • Siapatis, A. & S. Somarakis, 2007. Early life history of fish. In: Papaconstantinou, C., Zenetos, A., Vassilopoulou, V., Tserpes, G. (Eds.), SoHelFI: State of Hellenic Fisheries. HCMR Publications, p. 54–61
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