This research project, carried out between 1998-2003, was targeting to study the spawning biology and fecundity of H. dactylopterus, H. mediterraneus, Peristedion cataphractum, L. boscii, Etmopterus spinax and G. melastomus, the most abundant by catch species in the deep-water experimental bottom trawling in the southern Ionian Sea (Greece). The aim of the project was to acquire basic information on the reproductive strategies of the studied species, important contributor in understanding stock dynamics and obtaining basic biological information for use in stock assessments.

Among the results of this study are the differences in the spawning period and fecundity and the estimation of the length at first maturity of the target species (TERRATS & PETRAKIS, 1999; TERRATS, 2003). [FAIR CT-97/2374]