Start/End Date: 01/02/2006 - 31/07/2009

Financing: 188.700,00 €

Type of project: European project

Researcher(s): Dr C. Maravelias, Dr K. Papakonstantinou

Institute: Marine Biological Resources

Capacity, F and Effort. […]

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Rapid assessment of fish production coastal zone in Argostoli Gulf, Kefallonia Island

Start/End Date: 20/05/2006 - 20/09/2006

Financing: 19.040,00 €

Type of project: National project

Researcher(s): Dr A. Conides

Institute: Marine Biological Resources

The European Commission, following complaints from local groups in Kefallonia island, requested from the Ministry of Agriculture Development and Food the conduct of a rapid assessment of the possible effects [...]

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Main Uses of the Grey Mullet as Indicator of Littoral environmental changes

Start/End Date: 01/11/2006 - 01/05/2009

Financing: 14.460,00 €

Type of project: European project

Researcher(s): Dr V. Vassilopoulou

Institute: Marine Biological Resources

The program aims to organize a number of workshops (WS) to propose the development of suitable indicators to monitor the status of littoral ecosystems in various areas of the world, [...]

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Start/End Date: 10/11/2006 - 30/06/2008

Financing: 10.000,00 €

Type of project: National project (INTERREG III B ARCHIMED)

Researcher(s): A. Kapantagakis

Institute: Marine Biological Resources

Valorisation du Patrimoine Culturel Transnational du Thon dans la Mediterranne Occidentale. […]

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Scientific Cooperation and Technology Transfer for the Development of a Fish-based Assessment Method of Surface Waters Ecological Status

Start/End Date: 30/09/2006 - 31/03/2008

Financing: 9.905,00 €

Type of project: European project

Researcher(s): Dr A. Economou

Institute: Inland Waters

Study Area: Western Greece and Montenegro The aims of the project are: (1) to collect, evaluate and exploit the results of ichthyological research on the inland water systems of the [...]

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Start/End Date: 01/09/2006 - 31/08/2009

Financing: 321.200,00 €

Type of project: European project (FP6 - STREP)

Researcher(s): Dr A. Papadopoulos

Institute: Inland Waters

Hydrometeorological data resources and technologies for effective flash flood forecasting. The management of flash flood hazards and risks is a critical component of public safety and quality of life. [...]

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Exploitation scenarios of demersal stocks by trawlers in areas with narrow continental shelf: The case of S. Aegean

Start/End Date: 30/06/2006 - 30/09/2008

Financing: 176.756,00 €

Type of project: National project

Researcher(s): Dr G. Tserpes

Institute: Marine Biological Resources

The goal of the project is to predict the effects of the new technical measures foreseen in EU Reg. 1967/2006 (article 13) on the composition and size of demersal trawl [...]

2021-09-15T12:31:36+03:0021/10/2013|Projects, Research projects 2001-2006|

Status of the Deep-sea red shrimps in the Central and Eastern Mediterranean Sea

Start/End Date: 16/12/2005 - 15/12/2007

Financing: 50.000,00 €

Type of project: European project

Researcher(s): Dr C. Politou

Institute: Marine Biological Resources

The main objectives of this project are: (1) Implement a network of fishery scientists with the aim to analyse data using a common methodology and to update the biology, dynamics [...]

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