Ilias Kallias

Ilias Kallias


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Short CV

  • B.Sc. in Fisheries and Aquaculture, Department of Animal Production, Fisheries and Aquaculture, School of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Patras (1995)

Ilias Kallias is an Ichtyhologist, graduated from Department of Animal Production, Fisheries and Aquaculture of University of Patras. He has participated in various EU-funded projects in experimental aquaculture and fisheries research as a scientific technician, e.g. in the Ministry of Agriculture – Fisheries, University of Athens in the Department of Biology, Department of Zoology and Marine Biology etc. He has been working in HCMR since 2003 in many research fisheries programs, such as “MESMA”, “EVOMED”, “CORALfish”, “AFRAME”, “National Fisheries Data Collection Program”, “Argolic Gulf Fisheries Study”. In 2018, working in the Institute of Oceanography of HCMR, he participated in the development of protocols specifically for the Mediterranean for the protection of biodiversity from the basin and local scales MPA “MEDSEALITTER” and “INDICIT II” in order to apply detailed methodologies in the analysis of marine litter in fish and sea turtles. In the Institute of Marine Biological Resources and Inland Waters (IMBRIW), since 2020, he participated in a research programs “AqualoT” and “COPPERNET”, processing of fish samples and analyzing of water and sediment samples in the laboratory. Finally, Ilias Kallias is a certified JNCC Marine Mammal Observer and Fisheries Liaison Officer with extensive experience in the field.

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